Auto Chess Mobile Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Who doesn’t know the Auto Chess Mobile game. This game, which was adapted from the Dota 2 channel, has indeed caught a lot of public attention lately.Games that must use strategies with good role composition and of course really good calculations make this game very exciting to play. Especially if played with friends.

Auto Chess Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Auto Chess Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners

But there are many obstacles experienced by beginners in this Auto Chess Mobile game. Given that many players have already played this game on PC devices. This is a problem for beginners which causes it to become a target for opponents who understand the game play of Auto Chess.

Even though it has different hero names and items from those in Dota 2. However, in game play, Auto Chess Mobile can be said to be really similar to those on PC devices.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Auto Chess mobile

1. Selection of race and class

The main asset in winning the Auto Chess competition is the composition of the race and class that is synergistic. Beginners are advised to choose a race and class that can last until mid-game, for example, you synergize the goblin race and the mech class.

These races and classes are quite easy to get in early games, such as Soul Breaker, Sky Breaker, Heaven Bomber, and Ripper. With this hero composition, you will get blood regen and additional armor randomly to certain heroes in the early game, as well as additional armor as a whole in the late game if you manage to collect 6 goblin races.

In addition, you can use class knights in the early game which can give you a chance of 30% shield which is useful for reducing incoming damage to heroes. For the late game, you can add 4 heroes with glacier race which is useful for adding an attack speed of 35% for all your heroes.

Not only that, to be able to perch in the top 3 classrooms you can use a combination of the warrior class. If you are able to collect all nine warriors in chess pieces, of course you will get more benefits because of the synergies that occur between heroes.

For example, additional damage due to 2 beasts, 2 humans that can provide a sillent effect, and also additional blood from the cave clan for Redaxe Chief and Swordman heroes.

2.Roll as needed

In this game, it’s not just about combining heroes to become three stars, but you need to do rolling management so you don’t lose when entering the late game.

Try not to roll until you enter wave 15. But if the situation doesn’t allow you to roll occasionally. You are allowed to roll, but not in every wave you roll, guys!

3. Calculate income

In order to get big interest, of course you must have big gold too. For this you can save until gold enters 50. Why is that, if your gold reaches 50, then you will get maximum income, namely the addition of 5 gold interest per wave.

4. Upgrade level if possible gold

If you feel you need to upgrade the level do so. But keep in mind, do a level upgrade if your gold is sufficient.

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So, those are some tips and tricks that can help you reach the top 3 of the standings in the Auto Chess Mobile game. Ready to win, guys? Tell your opinion in the comments.

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