How To Get The Title Savage In Mobile Legends

Savage in Mobile Legends: How come it’s analog? Surely this sentence is very often heard by Mobile Legends game players. Unlike playing on a PC that has to sit in a ‘ gaming ‘ chair and prepare supporting gear, Mobile Legends can be played anywhere, anytime.

How to Get the Title Savage in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has developed into the most popular mobile game at the moment in Indonesia. This is a MOBA ( multiplayer online battle arena ) a mobile device that was developed and published by Moonton.

How to Get the Title Savage in Mobile Legends

This game that can be played on the Android and iOS platforms has successfully captured the attention since 2016. This game can be played by 10 people who are divided into 2 teams, and the length of the game ranges from 15-20 minutes.

That’s why we often hear the term mabar (playing together) when a group wants to make an agreement to play together. The main objective is to destroy the opponent’s base. If the main base of one team is destroyed then the team that destroys it will be the winner.

Mobile Legends Hero Characters

Each player can choose the hero they champion in each round of the game, the hero can be purchased with a diamond top up or by using battle points and tickets. From the characteristics of the hero is divided into several types, namely:

Marksman: This type of hero has a strong attack power so it has a role as the main attacker in the game.

Tank: has a large HP and Armor base so it can take large damage from opponents to protect the team, especially the marksman.

Mage: has a skill with damage that is so large that it can do quick kill to the enemy hero.

Support: have skills that are useful for protecting the team and helping the team when fighting.

Assassins: generally have skills that can kill and lock against opponents, usually the target of assassin heroes are marksman and mage because the blood possessed by marksman and mage is very minimal and limited.

Tips on Getting Savage

Well, that’s a glimpse of the basic things that you will encounter in the Mobile Legends game. This time we will discuss tips on how to get savage. What is that? Savage is a title given to a player if he can kill consecutive enemies 5 times in a battle.

Savage can be obtained in every game mode in Mobile Legends. To get the Savage title, of course you must be good at using the hero that is used. Let’s just go to the tips!

Choose heroes with big damage like Karina, Irithel, Fanny and other heroes compact with a teammate, this includes important tips for getting savage because we won’t get savage without the help of our friend for example when you have killed 4 enemies and left 1 enemy then your friend can’t be invited to work together, you could be trashed by a friend you and you don’t get savage.

Speed ​​up the level, because your level in battle is very influential in damage, if your level is higher and the gear is finished and your enemy is still below your level, then you will be easier to kill him.

Keep in mind that in savage you must be able to survive as long as possible in team battles (5 vs 5). You must also be able to kill five enemy heroes by waiting for the enemy blood to die or in any way.

But the safest way to get savage is to wait until the enemy issues his ultimate skill. After that, then you enter into a team battle to kill one by one enemy with the skills we have.

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