Dark Mode On Instagram | How To Activate On Android And IOS

In this guide we will explain how to activate the dark mode on Instagram, (a social network that has 1 billion users and which has recently generated a sensation for having removed the number of likes) even if there is no option in the application, can be activated from the phone settings.

Dark Mode on Instagram | How To Activate On Android And IOS
Dark Mode on Instagram | How To Activate On Android And IOS

The night mode commonly called Dark Mode is becoming increasingly popular on both Android smartphones and iPhones: the main advantage is that it does not tire the eyes, especially if you use the phone in an environment with reduced lighting.

Another advantage of turning on dark mode is energy saving. In fact, by activating this mode, you will be able to save a lot of battery. It is also more beautiful to look at.

Activating the Dark Mode on Instagram is really very simple! To do this, simply follow the instructions below.
IMPORTANT : In order to activate the Dark Mode of Instagram it is necessary to have updated your device with the Android 10 or iOS 13 operating system and to have installed the Instagram version v114. or higher.

How To Activate The Dark Mode On Instagram

How to activate dark mode on Instagram (iOS)

  • Open settings
  • Select ” Screen and Brightness “
  • Click on ” Dark “
  • Open Instagram.

How to activate dark mode on Instagram (Android)

  • Open settings
  • Select ” Screen “
  • Click on ” Dark Theme ” (or night mode)
  • Open Instagram.

Thus you can activate dark mode on Instagram. If you have any problem, do comment us below in the comment box.

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