How To Disable Crossplay In Warzone And Cold War

The cross game is one of the best features left to us by the last generation. Thanks to this feature, many players can play and communicate with each other regardless of the platform from which they play, which allows players from PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch and even from mobile phones to connect to a large number of available games. But in addition to the joys, it also brought displeasure.

Disable Crossplay in Warzone and the Cold War
Disable Crossplay in Warzone and the Cold War

How to Disable Crossplay in Warzone and Cold War

Crossplay problems

One of Crossplay’s main problems is that in shooter-type games, PC users who play with a keyboard and mouse will have the significant advantage of being able to aim and shoot faster.

As a result, some games have created specific filters to avoid keyboard and mouse players, something we can find in theCold WarandWarzone.

The origin of traps

In addition to the disadvantages of computer hardware (be careful, remember that you can easily use the keyboard and mouse on the Xbox), there is another disadvantage, namely that PC users will be able to modify the game files to install coaches and illegal programs that allow auto-targeting to get auto-unsubscribed without corruption, something that is obviously completely banned and that usually ends with a ban on that user’s account.

The problem is that if you have users with these types of benefits in the game, the game becomes a nightmare and the game immediately loses its meaning because you would compete with a robot that is aimed directly at your head.

This is one of the main reasons why console users try to avoid PC users at all costs, although it is important to realize that Activision is working hard to end these types of practices.

How to avoid Crossplay in the Cold War

To avoid playing with PC players and other platforms (if you’re playing from an Xbox, you won’t be able to play with people from PlayStation), you’ll need to disable crossplay in your account and network settings.

How to Disable Crossplay in Warzone

Since Warzone remains a stand-alone game with the release of the Cold War, it will also be necessary to configure network settings independently in Battle Royale mode.

To do this, go to settings and disable the Cross Game option on the Account tab.

What advantages and disadvantages will we have after deactivation?

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of disabling the Crossplay feature, and that is that if you’re feeling a bit of a disadvantage when playing with PC players, you can avoid disabling it at any time.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that deactivating Crossplay can take games a little longer to gather players who need to start a Royal battle or a team duel on a certain map, so you’ll need to consider the time to play a quick game.

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