How To Export And Import Passwords In Mozilla Firefox

Export and Import Passwords in Mozilla Firefox: Applications, websites, subscription services and the vast list of proposals that require a password to access, make it difficult to remember our credentials for each and every one of them. Password managers are one of the most practical solutions, butwe can also have control over them through the browser.

How to Export and Import Passwords in Mozilla Firefox
How to Export and Import Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

Export and Import Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

When we want to go from one browser to another, although there are options for them to synchronize through our email accounts, it may be a good idea toknow how to manually export and import passwords, to have a file of them at hand. as a backup or the utility that seems appropriate.

How to export passwords in Mozilla Firefox

UnlikeGoogle Chrome, since the latest versions of Firefox (specifically, since 57), it is not possible to export and import passwords natively. However,there is a tool that works in both macOS and Windowsthat allows us to save passwords in CVS or JSON format quite quickly.

Through GitHub we can download FF Password Exporter, a free tool that allows us to export passwords in seconds.

Its name is FF Password Exporter, and we can download it through GitHub. The operation of the program is as simple as executing it (we have a portable version or an installable program as such) and hitting the ‘export passwords’ button. It will automaticallydetect the Firefox ‘profiles’ path, the place where passwords are stored.

After finding the path, we can save the resulting file in CSV and JSON formats, the formats used by browsers such as Chrome to make the copy from their own settings.

How to import passwords in Mozilla Firefox

Just like when it came to exporting, Mozilla does not allow us to import Chrome CSV files directly. However,we can import all our data (bookmarks, history, passwords, etc.) from any browser, so our credentials will not be lost along the way. To do the data transfer, we only have to carry out the following steps.

  • Open the Firefox menu
  • Open the ‘Catalog’ option
  • Open the ‘Bookmarks’ option
  • Go to ‘All bookmarks’
  • Select ‘Import configuration’, and select the browser whose data you want to import

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