How To Get A Free Gift From The Call Back Free Fire Event

Garena Free Fire has many special features in the game that will give players free gifts. One of them is the “Call Back” feature that has many features.

How to Get a Free Gift from the Call Back Free Fire Event
How to Get a Free Gift from the Call Back Free Fire Event

What is the “Call Back” Free Fire Event?

This feature was made by the developer to encourage players to make their friends return to the game after offline. Its function is to maintain the interests of players by inviting through friends. Players who have deleted the game for more than a month can become targets to be called back.

The rewards will increase if the number of friends invited also increases. If the player manages to call a friend back, the player will get a Divine Punishment parachute skin.

For the three friends who were successfully recalled the prize was a Fight or Flight Crate skin, if successfully summoned five friends would get Legendary Apocalypse Fox .

How to Call Friends Back to Free Fire

  1. Select the option ” Friends ” in the upper right corner of the home screen.
  2. Open the ” Call Back ” section to see the potential rewards will be achieved if successfully invited.
  3. Scroll down, tap the ” Call Back ” button to see anyone in your friends list who hasn’t played the game for more than a month.
  4. Select the friend you want to invite back and click the ” invite ” button . Select the service to send the Call Back message .
  5. Wait for his friend to re-download the game , then enter the invitation ID. After completion, the player will receive a prize.

If the player has a backup account, this is a good time to return it to the game. Although players can create a backup account only for this, this event only lasts for a few days, and players will not be able to complete it on time.

Creating a backup account for Call Back is not a bad idea, because Free Fire has had this event before. Remember, add the main account as a friend first so you can use the Call Back feature.

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