How To Hide Your Profile On Facebook

Hide Your Profile on Facebook: Facebook is a nice social network, the most used. It is full of people, games and activities. However, it remains a place where our privacy is questioned every minute. So let’s see how we can do to eliminate as many details as possible so as not to be tracked within the system.

How to Hide Your Profile on Facebook
How to Hide Your Profile on Facebook

How to Hide Your Profile on Facebook

Clearly said, this guide will show you how to hide on Facebook but not totally. In fact, it is not possible to completely hide yourself in a Social Network, especially when the purpose of such a site is to let other people find you with whom to make friends.

He steps and settings that we will enter here will be for the Web service, functions that still match the Smartphone App and are therefore global.

Nevertheless, we still recommend that you take a look at the settings using your mobile phone program to see if they are the same as those described.

Obviously, if you visit Facebook via Browser even on mobile, there is nothing to check. We are talking here about how to hide your profile on facebook and not about how to hide on messenger specifically.

The first tip we give you is

Change the name. Obviously if this is compatible with your situation, ie if you have used your middle name (rare, but possible) instead of the first. By changing this, you will be much harder to spot.

If you want to change your name to a fake or one that is not yours, be careful: the punishments are severe and often result in a ban directed by the service, even if it is full of profiles that have obviously had fictitious names for years.

Having clarified all this, just go to the settings (click on the arrow at the top right) and in General you will find your name and surname. On the right you can change it to something else.

However, Facebook has limited the number of changes to its name, so decide well before proceeding.

The second step to hide on facebook and consequently hide on messenger is to change the privacy settings of the profile.

Now let’s start going to the Privacy bar. Under this function we can change several things, such as who can send us friends and who can seek us.

We can decrease the possibility of being seen online by lowering these settings to “Friends of friends” or just “Friends” thus eliminating the possibility of being annoyed by strangers, at most by those we add or by the people added in turn by the latter. .

We can also find a function called “Do you want search engines outside Facebook to redirect to your profile?”. Let’s change this function to “No”. In this way we will already be much more difficult to find outside the Social Network, the main search engines like Google will not bring us back anymore.

At this point you will already be much more hidden on Facebook than before. Obviously, the methods for not being found are numerous, but these that we have reported to you (apart from the question of the name) are the safest and frankly do not involve any ban from the service. However, you can try these a little more drastic systems if you are still not satisfied.

How to hide on Facebook?

Use a second profile. With the first, you will add strangers, with the second you will direct your private life. It is also possible to do this with profiles other than your main name, but always remember the “real names” factor and the like. It is possible to use Aliases in most cases, but it is still a strange and difficult rule to observe in the Social Network.

Deactivate your account regularly, this will ensure that you will never be traceable in your information. Obviously, remember to reactivate it when necessary: ​​deactivating your Account means setting a real time bomb in your data. After the necessary time, Facebook will permanently delete your data.

Restrict the use of information on Facebook byreporting it elsewhere. This way you direct the people you want to other sites, they are so eager to contact you. There are those who use the Facebook account as a “mirror” to introduce newly added people to the chosen service.

But remember not to use this system for religious sites or companies, to do this you must have a regular page and not a user profile.

With this I would say that’s all.

We always remember that privacy is important and that all the repercussions that could exist in case of violation should not be underestimated. Whenever possible, we avoid entering addresses, phone numbers, and photos with sensitive content.

This little guide on how to hide your profile on Facebook is a big step towards the security of your data, without having to give up using social networks.

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