How To Change DNS On Smart TV

Change DNS on Smart TV: Surely many have heard of DNS multiple times without knowing what it was about. The abbreviation DNS stands for Domain Name Service and in essence is the service that associates numeric IP addresses with the names that we know of the sites and that we type on Google.

How to Change DNS on Smart TV

It works like a sort of phone book, but of websites, which associates the name of the corresponding site with each number.

In many cases it is useful to change the DNS to make certain applications work better, especially those of video streaming. Obviously it can be useful to change DNS on Smart TV, now become one of the main tools for enjoying videos.

Change DNS on Smart TV

The DNS modification procedure is not univocal on each TV model, but it can vary according to the manufacturer and therefore to the type of system installed. In this guide we will try to explain the general procedure that is fine for most TVs.

Change DNS for Wi-Fi connections

If your Smart TV is connected via Wi-Fi , changing the DNS is very simple. You will have to enter the settings of your TV and go to the Network options, which can also be called Wi-Fi, Internet or Wireless.

In this menu you will have to enter Advanced Wi-Fi Settings and disable automatic registration settings or in general search for a manual connection configuration item.

From this menu you will find the various items related to the connection, such as the IP address and precisely the DNS Server, along with other network settings.

At this point the only thing left is to set up your DNS server by typing the address in the appropriate field and saving the settings. At this point, just restart the TV to have the new network settings active with your DNS.

Change DNS for cable connections

Connecting the Smart TV, or any device, via Ethernet cable means having a more stable and faster connection, which is great for video streaming, especially real-time streaming.

The change of DNS for Ethernet cable connections is up and down the same as for Wi-Fi connection. You will have to enter the Network or Internet settings and disable the automatic connection settings or look for the item that allows Manual settings.

On this page you will have to enter the address of the DNS Server you want and save the settings. Once the TV has restarted the changes will be applied and you will navigate using the new DNS.

Change DNS from the modem/router

If you cannot change the DNS directly from the Smart TV, you can act from the settings of your home modem router, in this case the settings will be active for all connected devices, and not only for the Smart TV.

To change the DNS from the modem router you will have to enter its settings by typing one of these three IP addresses in the top bar of your web browser:


Probably one of these three addresses will let you enter the settings of your modem router, if not, you will have to manually find out the IP address of your router by consulting our dedicated guide.

Once you enter the personal area of ​​your modem router, go to the connection settings, you will probably have to click on Advanced and look for the DNS section.

Probably the Automatic DNS item or something like that will be checked, you will have to disable it and set up your DNS server. Once the changes are applied, it will take a few seconds for them to take effect.

Unfortunately, some manager modems do not allow you to change the DNS settings. In this case the only way is to buy a personal router that takes care of the WiFi connection in the house, connecting it to the manager’s modem useful only for connecting to the network. Make sure you buy a quality router that allows you to have a fast and stable connection.

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