How To Change Text to WhatsApp Emojis Automatically

How to change text to whatsApp emojis automatically is a tutorial that I will share in this article . That means you can change text emoticons to emojis when typing in WhatsApp chats. Usually, that is not possible, but you can do this on WhatsApp Web with the help of a free Chrome extension called ” Smiley Caret “.

How To Change Text To WhatsApp Emojis Automatically
How To Change Text To WhatsApp Emojis Automatically

Every time you type in some text emoticons and press space, it will automatically change the text to emojis. This saves you time and you can write messages and send them to your WhatsApp contacts in the conversation.

WhatsApp Web, Android and iOS already have an emoji panel with lots of interesting emojis. However, the problem is you have to leave the keyboard, access the emoji panel to select emojis, then use the keyboard to type text, and send messages with emojis to other people.

This extension helps you get past that complexity when using WhatsApp Web. You can enter text, add text emoticons, and it will change emoticons to emojis so you can type in chats and send messages.

As you saw in the recording above, text emoticons are automatically converted to emojis when using the WhatsApp Web application. This extension can convert 30 emoticons into emojis and all major emojis are included.

You can use heart emojis, sad, angry, grinning faces, laughing, crying, and other emojis. This extension also works on other services such as Gmail, Twitter, etc., but in this article, the form only focuses on WhatsApp Web.

How To Change Text To WhatsApp Emojis Automatically

Download and install the Chrome Smiley Caret extension [ from here ]. After installation, you will see this extension icon added in the upper right corner of the browser. The icon is used to activate and deactivate the extension.

By default, extensions are automatically activated. So, you don’t need to do anything. Here is a list of emojis that you can use just by typing:

WhatsApp account

  • Now open WhatsApp Web, scan the QR code to access your WhatsApp account.
  • Now go to chat and start typing.
  • When you will add some text emoticons and press spacebar.
  • You will see that it has automatically changed the emoticons into emojis.

There he is! In this way, you can continue to use this extension or disable it when you don’t want to use it.

In conclusion:

Smiley Caret is a simple but meaningful extension that makes it easy and possible to automatically convert text to emojis on WhatsApp. You only need to install the extension and this will automatically change the text emoticons to emojis on WhatsApp Web.

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