How To Change WhatsApp Theme Easily

Bored with common WhatsApp themes? You can change WhatsApp theme easily. Here’s how! The WhatsApp application not only has advanced features in terms of sending messages. However, WhatsApp is also always innovating in other features, including themes.

How to Change WhatsApp Theme Easily
How to Change WhatsApp Theme Easily

How to Change WhatsApp Theme Easily

Identical to the green theme, Facebook’s instant application also offers unique themes that can be used by its users.

How to change the original WhatsApp theme you can try:

1. Back up your chat on WhatsApp.
2. Uninstall WhatsApp on your mobile.
3. Then download GBWhatsApp APK on your mobile.
4. Install and open the application.
5. Enter your WhatsApp number, verify via OTP.
6. On the next screen, restore your chat from WhatsApp.
7. Click “Point Three” in the upper right corner of the application.
8. Open the GB Settings >> Download Themes.
9. Choose whatever theme you like and click Apply. The theme will be downloaded and applied within a few seconds.
10. Restart the application and you will get a new theme on WhatsApp.

In addition, there is also a way to change the WhatsApp theme without the help of WhatsApp GB. This option is intended for WhatsApp users who are already using the official application via mod.

This mod application can be used but has risks to some extent because all controls, both user information is monitored by a third-party team.

The advantage is that this method tends to be simpler because you don’t need to use any application. You can immediately change the look by using images from existing collections on the cellphone.

Here’s how to change the WhatsApp theme without additional applications:

1. Open WhatsApp and click the menu icon.
2. Enter the settings menu and tap the chat option.
3. Select the chat wallpaper and color owner options such as solid, photos and various other wallpapers that appear.
4. Select an image that you want to be the wallpaper.

Thus, you can change the WhatsApp theme without any issue. If you feel any issue, comment us in the comment box below.

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