How to Create Emojis with Your Face to Use on WhatsApp

Create Emojis with Your Face:If you use WhatsApp a lot or other social networks like Facebook and even Instagram, but are tired of the standard emojis and want something that suits you more, know that you can now access sites that allow you to create “dolls” with your face and phrases that are more your style. Check it out below.

How to Create Emojis with Your Face to Use on WhatsApp
How to Create Emojis with Your Face to Use on WhatsApp

How to Create Emojis with Your Face to Use on WhatsApp

No Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a website that allows you to create emojis and stickers with your features and traits. Using it is quite easy:

Step 1:Download the Bitmoji app for free from the App Store or Google Play. Then, register manually using your email or your Snapchat account.

Step 2:start making your personalized emoji. It is possible to take a selfie, if you want, so that the application itself assigns its characteristics to the emoji (if you don’t want to, just tap “Skip”).

Step 3:choose the skin tone of your emoji, eyes, eyebrow shape, nose and put on glasses if you want. You can also change your emoji’s haircut, clothes, accessories and other features. To access each of the menus, just drag the screen to the side.

Step 4:enable the Bitmoji keyboard to create your WhatsApp emojis. To do this, tap “Enable in settings”.

Step 5:Activate the Bitmoji keyboard key to enable the emojis.

Step 6:go back to the application and set the keyboard as the default in the “Select input method” option.

Step 7:Finish creating your emoji and it will be ready to use.


The Googlekeyboardalso allows you to make emojis for WhatsApp in a very simple way. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1:Activate the keyboard in your smartphone settings in the “Activate in settings” option.

Step 2:Select Gboard as your default keyboard under “Select input method”.

Step 3:close the application and open the keyboard in any chat application. Then select the emoji icon on it.

Step 4:tap on the sticker icon and then tap on the gear to access the Gboard settings.

Step 5:in the settings, tap “Search” and then “Create” to make your emojis for WhatsApp.

Step 6:Allow Gboard access to your camera and take a selfie. Gboard will then create an emoji based on your appearance.

Enjoy Creating Emojis with Your Face to Use on WhatsApp. Tell us in the comments.

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