How To Increase FPS In Games On PC

Increase FPS in Games: Are you punching the PC because the Fortnite game is jerky and impossible to play? Is the game you are playing on the PC not as fluid as it should be?

How to Increase FPS in Games on PC

The first relevant factor to have a good fluidity in a game is that of having a good hardware and mounted a performing graphics card. And even if I were like that, the games are still jerky.

How to Increase FPS in Games on PC

So is it possible to improve software-level performance by reducing and increasing low FPS during a game session? Of course in this guide I will explainhow to increase the FPS in games on the PCin order to play safely.

Playing on the PC is not as simple as on a console. If you are a gamer who loves to play on the PC then you will know very well what are theFPS (frame per second)or theframe rate) of capture or reproduction that make up a movie or an animationreproduced at a speed with the illusion of the movement to be provided to the human eye.

To play smoothly and smoothly with a game on the PC you should reach a quota equal to 60 FPS, but this is not always the case. As long as there is an aspect not optimized on your PC to compromise the speed of the game.

But without wasting any more time let’s see how to increase the FPS in games on the PC through simple tricks and good advice.

Update your drivers

The first advice I can is toupdate the driversespecially those ofthe video card installed to the latest version. Before updating the video card drivers you should see theGPUmodelmounted on your PC.

Once you have verified the type and brand of yourGPUaccording to your video card, go to one of the Internet sites of the main manufacturersNvidia,IntelorAmdand based on the model download and install the updated drivers on your PC Window.

In case you are not sure or you are not practical you can take advantage of a simple program that allows you to keep your PC drivers updated automatically.

Close active apps in the background

Another trick to try to speed up a game that slows down while running is toclose the active applications in the backgroundthat are not used at the moment you are playing.

The applications that you have to close because they need a lot of energy can be programs such as Skype, various Antivirus, Windows Update updates and many others.

Use a game booster

Alternatively you can close the programs with agame boosterthat helps you to take the load off the CPU and GPU and free up precious RAM, this to have more resources available to make the games run on the PC in an optimal way.

The program that I recommend is calledRazer Cortex – Booster Primeis free and compatible with all versions from Windows 7 onwards.

Once started on the Razer Cortex PC this allows you toautomatically recognize the installed gamesand then go to close all those running programs or processes that are useless when you play and then go to reopen them when you go to close the game.

To use Razer Cortex start the browser connected tothe main pageof the website then click on theDownload Nowbutton to start downloading theRazerCortexInstaller.exeinstallation file to yourPC.

At the end of the download, double click with the left mouse button on the file you just downloaded and from the first window that appears select theYesbutton then put the tick onRazer Cortexon the left and press theInstallbutton located at the bottom right. At the end of the installation process, press theGet Started button.

To proceed, press theContinue as Questbutton or press one of the other buttons to make a short registration.

From the first screen that appears of Razer Cortex positioned in theGame Boostertab located at the top to have the list of games installed on the PC. Click on one of them to play in an already optimized way.

Optimize game settings

One of the best ways to increase FPS in games is tooptimize the game settings ofthe graphics through a downward compromise between a quality and performance ratio.

First start the game and go toGraphic Settingsand from here go to change the graphic resolution and other parameters.

In the graphic settings of a game, theAnti-aliasing itemfor example is one of those settings that smooths and smoothes the polygons, there is usually a slider with numbers 2x, 4x, 8x. To increase the FPS, lower everything to a minimum.

The same things you need to do in the graphic settings also affects thedraw distance. I know by lowering and deactivating the light effects, the shadows and the other you lose in graphic quality, but the game becomes playable and no longer works in spurts with frightening lag.

In conclusion

If you are reading this paragraph then it means that you have found this guide how to increase FPS in games on the PC interesting. If you have any questions, comment us in the comment box.

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