How To Make Facebook Fans Page For Business

One of the most common innovations for business branding is to create a Facebook page. Therefore, in this article I will write a complete guide on how to create a Facebook fans page for your business.

If you really don’t know how to create a Facebook page, you should read this article to find out how to create a Facebook fans page correctly.

How to Make a Fans Page on Facebook for Business
How to Make a Fans Page on Facebook for Business

Creating a fan page on Facebook is actually quite easy. You only need a few minutes and a few steps to be able to create a Facebook fans page for business.

Is it Important to Create a Facebook Fans Page for Business?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites, with more than 1 billion active users per day worldwide. By creating a Fans page on Facebook, it is very possible for your business to be seen by Facebook connoisseurs, clients, and customers to stay connected with your business.

Facebook is also one of the marketing tools and brand recognition, and even big brands only rely on Facebook to be their branding place. That’s why creating a fan page on Facebook for business is a must to do to introduce your business to people.

Although Facebook’s social media was originally just a place to connect and socialize with other people, but now Facebook has become a good marketing place. In this article I will explain how to use Facebook for business.

How to Create a Facebook Fans Page for Business

Facebook fan pages help introduce brands, socialize, and send messages to people who want to connect with your business. If you have not created a Facebook fan page for your business or website, immediately create a Facebook fan page to improve branding.

1. Select the Facebook Fans Page Category

The first step to creating a fan page on Facebook is to go to the fan page creation page here

There, you will be given a choice of what categories to give to your business’s Facebook fan page. Choosing the right fan page category will help in relevant searches on Facebook according to available information, so make sure you choose the fan page category that suits your business.

After you have determined what your FB page category is, the next is that you must enter the name of your business, and don’t forget to check the “I agree to Facebook page terms” box then click Get started.

2. Organize Information from the Fans Page on Facebook

  • Upload Profile Page and Photo Cover of Fans Page – This is needed to make it easier to brand recognition and branding your business to people who visit the fan page
  • Fill out information in About – In this section, you must explain what your business is doing in a concise and detailed way to introduce your business brand and branding to people.

3. Take advantage of features in the Admin Panel

The most important thing in creating a fan page for a business is that you have to fill in the information in the “About” menu. Because in this menu will function as a meta description in the Google search engine which will certainly help to reach customers.

But you also need to fill out “About” carefully, so that later it will be easier to rank keywords and business categories on the Google search engine and search on Facebook.

4. Fill in the Content on your Fans Page

Make sure you also provide interesting content when posting something on the FB business page. Also consider keeping in touch with your business, so that it keeps visitors interested and helps you share your posts to reach more people.

Never post something that is not related to your category and business. This can be very fatal because it will disrupt the followers of your page and make it leave the page that you created.

5. Make Observations Fans Page

After you have gone through the steps above, from creating a Fans page to finally you have posted content that is relevant to your business. Next you have to monitor the progress of the fan page that you have created.

In the admin panel there is a menu called “View Insight” which functions to monitor the activities of followers and visitors.

Monitoring the development of the fan page is needed to help you find out what marketing techniques are successful and techniques that are not producing results. So you can do marketing development through Facebook Fans Page.


So many articles about how to create a fan page on Facebook and a guide on how to develop a fan page for business. If you have tips and tricks for developing business through Facebook, leave a comment below.

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