How to Make Voice Note WhatsApp Status

Want to create something unique on your WhatsApp status? Have you tried making a story voice note? If not, see the tips and tricks below.

How to Make Voice Note WhatsApp Status
How to Make Voice Note WhatsApp Status

How to Make Voice Note WhatsApp Status

Whatsapp Voice Note

Whatsapp that you know today does have various features. Starting from storiesVideo Calls with several people to old features, namely Voice notes or what you usually call VN.

All WhatsApp users, of course, are very familiar with this VN feature, where this feature functions to record sound and send it directly to the WhatsApp chat.

This feature is very helpful, especially when you are busy or driving and cannot type, you can use voice recordings via this VN. Or it could be when you want to clarify something that you conveyed through previous conversations.

Sometimes when you are lazy to type, having a conversation via Voice notes is indeed more exciting, joking around you forget the time. Well, there are times when you might want to share the recorded voice note into your WhatsApp story.

Usually so because the recording sounds funny and wants other people to hear it too or it could be the recording from the person you care about the most.

Maybe many of you are still wondering if you can make a status from a voice note wa? Well, here inwepo will share the trick.

Audio Status Maker

To be able to make it, you will be assisted by third-party applications that you can download for free on your respective Google Play. The application is Audio Status Maker, this small application is able to create status from recorded voice notes that you do and also add other effects.

It is necessary to note that whatsapp’s voice note recording will produce an opus file, to be able to open it and in the process you must first convert it to another form such as mp3. For the steps, please see below.

Follow Steps

1. Download the Audio Status Maker application, please download it here. Look for your voice note file, usually found in the whatsapp media file in the voice note section, place it in a folder that is easy for you to find. Then go to the site and select the Voice note file that you previously moved.

2. Tap the small arrow on the right to select a converted file if you tap the Convert menu.

3. Tap the Download menu when the conversion process is complete, then continue to open the Audio Status Maker application. Tap Ok to give access permission to the app.

4. Tap the headphone icon then select Pick From Files, enter the voice note conversion file that you downloaded earlier.

5. Set the sound duration you want to use, tap the Done menu and then tap the download icon to download the file or directly tap the Share menu.

6. Wait a moment while creating the file, then tap the WhatsApp icon to immediately share it on the status.


You can use Audio Status Maker not only to create stories from VN. But other music stories can also let you add features that can add stickers, text, and also a background that will definitely make your story more interesting.

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