5 Ways to Overcome WiFi Connected But Cannot Access the Internet

Have you ever had trouble connecting to WiFi but can’t access the internet? If so, of course this is very unsettling, especially for people who are very dependent on the internet.

Actually, this is not a serious problem because it can be solved easily. However, there are many causes that underlie this problem, so the solutions can also vary. You can’t just unplug the cable or restart the modem.

Overcome WiFi Connected But Cannot Access the Internet
Overcome WiFi Connected But Cannot Access the Internet

So, if you are looking for a way to deal with connected WiFi but cannot access the internet on a laptop or Android, please refer to the following five methods.

How to Overcome WiFi Connected But Cannot Access the Internet

Basically, the reason the internet is not connected could be due to routing failure or WiFi is disabled. There is even a possibility that the device is infected with malware or something similar.

Therefore, see the solution for overcoming WiFi connected but not being able to access the internet on laptops and smartphones.

Method 1: Reset Network

The most basic solution to troubleshooting an unworkable internet connection is to reset the network. The steps are enough to open the menu in Windows settings.

  1. First press theWindowskey combination andIthen click theNetwork & Internetmenu
  2. Then select theNetwork Resetoption at the very bottom
  3. Then clickReset Now
  4. If there is a further notification, just clickYes

After the reset process ends, try connecting WiFi to the laptop. If the device or modem is not problematic, internet access should be able to reconnect.

Method 2: Update WiFi Adapter Driver

It does not rule out the possibility that WiFi is connected but cannot access the internet due to outdated drivers. Usually, this problem is indicated by a network error, but it’s normal when accessing the internet on other devices.

To fix this, you can update the WiFi driver via system settings.

  • Please right-click on the My Computer folder, then selectProperties.
  • Then click Device Manager, Network Adapters, and right-click on the WiFi adapter.
  • Finally, selectUpdate Driver Software. If the process is complete, try reconnecting the WiFi to the laptop.

Method 3: Restart the modem or router

If the previous method didn’t work, how to deal with WiFi connected but unable to access the internet can also be by turning off the router or modem. Wait 1 minute, then turn it back on until the DSL light turns steady.

Apart from that, you can reboot the router using the browser.

  1. Open Chrome, then copy the address192.168.0.1or192.168.1.1in the browser field then Enter
  2. In the Username field type “user” or “admin” and in the Password field type “admin
  3. Once logged in, selectSystem Tools – Reboot Option
  4. Finally, click Reboot.

After the reboot process is complete, please try turning on WiFi and accessing the internet. If the problem is not too serious, the network should stabilize again.

Method 4: Restart and Enable Airplane Mode on Android

If you use Android as tethering, the solution to dealing with unconnected internet access can be by turning on airplane mode. This is a common trick that is used when there is a problem with a network.

Logically, if airplane mode is active, the data connection will automatically be forced to stop. So that the network will start over when it is turned back on.

But, don’t immediately activate airplane mode, restart the cellphone first then turn on airplane mode and wait for a few seconds. If so, turn it off again and try to repeat the WiFi tethering to the laptop

Method 5: Contact Customer Service via Twitter

If that doesn’t work, there might be service interruptions. For that, please contact Indihome or the provider you use via Twitter. Because based on experience, reports on Twitter are responded to more quickly than via telephone.


If the internet cannot be accessed even though WiFi is connected, the most basic step that must be done is to restart the modem or device. If that doesn’t work, chances are you haven’t paid a monthly internet fee.

So, that’s a quick guide on how to solve WiFi connected but can’t access the internet. It’s best to do the steps correctly so that more serious problems don’t occur.

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