“Not Registered On The Network” Error: How To Solve It

Among the many errors that can occur when using a smartphone, one of the most frequent is certainly the one that appears with the warning ” Not registered on the network “. In addition to being frequent, it is also one of the most annoying , since the causes can be multiple, and care must be taken to identify the right one.

"Not Registered on the Network" error: How to Solve It
“Not Registered on the Network” error: How to Solve It

The main causes of this error

Usually, when it comes to such an error, the causes could be different:

  • Wrong IMEI : the IMEI code is an identifier for mobile devices. It is unique for each mobile phone, therefore it allows its detection and association in case of loss . However, it may happen, for example after an incorrectly installed system update, that it is incorrect and, therefore, you must proceed to restore all the information correctly
  • Different APN: when the phone tries to access a network through an APNother than the one expected by your operator, the error of not registering on the network may appear
  • Phone of dubious origin: when buying a used phone, you must always check that it is not included in a blacklist. In fact, when a phone is reported for theft through its IMEI, it is placed on a blacklist, which generates this type of error. In this case, the first thing to do is immediately notify the competent authorities.

Identify the cause of the error

To immediately understand if the problem dates back to IMEI or not, you will need to check it. To do this, simply type in the numeric keypad * # 06 #. Subsequently, a screen will open containing all the information regarding the IMEI.

In the event that you should receive a null value (0000), it means that the cause of the problem is precisely the telephone identification code.

“Not Registered on the Network” error: How to Solve It

Next, we will propose various solutions that will give you the opportunity to solve the problem.

Reset the phone

A null IMEI code could also depend on an update installed incorrectly, or on unlawful actions performed by the user (for example the root ).

If you suspect that the cause of the problem may have been one of the ones mentioned above, you can opt for a factory reset of the phone, in order to restore all the settings.

Before proceeding with the reset, it is always a good practice tobackup your phone, in order to keep all personal data safe.

Check for updates

Another fundamental operation to perform is to definitely check for updates of the operating system. In fact, often updates contain patches to correct and safe, able to solve some problems of the smartphone. In your case, an update may also be able to resolve the error.

Activate airplane mode

Another attempt you could make is to activate airplane mode .

  • Open the notification panel
  • Find the airplane mode toggle
  • Activate it and wait a few minutes
  • Turn off airplane mode
  • Check that the problem has been solved

Reinsert the SIM card

Sometimes, the error “Not registered on the network” can also be caused by an incorrect reading of the SIM card. To try to solve the problem you could remove the card (finding the correct slot on the edges of the smartphone) and reinsert it after a few minutes.

In case the error was due to an incorrect reading of the card, re-inserting the latter the problem should be solved.

Update APNs

The APN (access point name) are a special configuration that allows the phone to connect properly to the Internet. The APN is set by the operator you use, but sometimes it may not work properly. In this case, you will have to modify it, in order to resolve the error “Not registered on the network”.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Look for the settings relating to the network (the setting may change depending on the smartphone)
  • Click on the operator you use
  • Continue on Names of access points

Next, you’ll need to change your operator’s APN settings, and verify that you’ve solved the problem.

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