How to Play Minecraft Launcher No Premium

You are looking for a way to play minecraft without having to buy it. On this page I will teach you how to download Minecraft NO Premium Launcher, which will allow you to play MINECRAFT totally FREE, in single player, or multiplayer, since I will also teach you how to play minecraft in non-premium servers.

How to Play Minecraft Launcher No Premium
How to Play Minecraft Launcher No Premium

How to Play Minecraft Launcher No Premium

It is important that you know that you can play all versions of Minecraft, from betas, alphas, current and future versions, since the game will update automatically.

Also a great advantage is that you can customize the character to your liking, changing its skin easily, plus you can install all the mods you want.

To start, all you have to do is read this page in detail, so that you do not miss any details and so you can enjoy minecraft totally Free without paying.

Download Launcher Minecraft No Premium

First of all, you will ask yourself, What is a Launcher? It is a very good question since many people do not know: The non-Premium launcher is the application that will allow you to run the game, allowing you to customize absolutely everything, the version, the skin, the mods etc.

There are many launchers that work, but I will show you the best that exists, because it is a very complete launcher, giving you a good user experience and incredible freedom, the best of all is that it is totally FREE.

Launcher Fenix is the one I’m talking about, since apart from everything, the installation is as easy as downloading, running and playing. It’s that simple, you can play.

To download it, what you must do is the following link, which will take you to the official site, click on download, as you can see in the image below, and that’s it.

With the launcher downloaded, we are going to run it by double clicking on it.

If you see the following sign «This application requires JAVA Runtime Environment 1.7.0«, all you have to do is accept and a page will open in your browser, where you can download JAVA, an application for Minecraft to function either Whether you have bought it or not, if or if you will have to install this program.

How to install JAVA for Minecraft?

It is very simple, what you must do is go to the following link, and download the application that is totally free, in addition to downloading it from the official page so you will not have problems.

You open the installer and click on install. Now you just wait for it to install and that’s it.

Play Minecraft Launcher No Premium

Once we have Java installed, what we are going to do is open the LAUCHER FENIX, we must wait for some files to be downloaded, and the tab to run the game will open, but first you must configure it to your liking.

We will start by creating a profile by clicking on the button «New Profile», we will put its name and we will choose the version we want. You should know that to play on some servers it is necessary that you enter with the version of the server.

If for example a server is version 1.7, you could not enter with version 1.15, this should be very clear. You choose the version you want and click on save profile.

Second, you must give yourself a username, whatever you want, it doesn’t matter if it already exists. For the last days to “connect” and now “Start Game” ready, you wait for the minecraft version to be installed, when it finishes the game will automatically open.

Can you Play Minecraft Online for Free?

Of course YES, there are several “pirate” servers to call them in a way that they offer this service totally FREE, you will find different kinds of servers, mini games, survival, construction and more … Nothing to envy to Premium servers.

For it to work, all you have to do is find a server that you prefer (taking into account what you want to play). It is this occasion what I am going to look for is a server of mini games, to be more specific SkyWars.

All we have to do is enter the game, as I explained previously. Now we are going to multiplayer, add server, paste the ip of the server and save the server.

As you can see a server was added. We enter and ready. In the server chat it will appear that you must register, you just have to type by pressing the letter T, «/ register your password your password» and enter.

And that’s how easy you can play pirate minecraft online for free. As you can see in the following images, we entered the server and played in SkyWars mode.

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