How To Promote On Instagram For Free

Promote on Instagram: Instagram is now a social media platform that is widely used by various groups, which is why Instagram can be a medium for advertising. Also the popularity of Instagram continues to increase after 2012’s acquisition by Facebook and many new features are added to pamper its users.

How to Promote on Instagram for free
How to Promote on Instagram for free

Instagram can be an advertising medium that has great opportunities. Just imagine as of September 2017, Instagram has an average of 500 million active users every day. This reason is reinforced by the fact that 80% of Instagram users follow business accounts.

Other data that should be taken into consideration is that from 500 million daily users, more than 200 million users view business accounts every day. In fact, 2/3 of users are accounts that have never been a follower of a viewed business account. [Https://]

How to Promote on Instagram?

  1. To be able to use the advertising feature for promotion on Instagram, the account used must bea business account.
  2. Then just make a post in the form of a photo or video that will be advertised, you will find a Promote button at the bottom of the post.
  3. If you see the option to access your Facebook account, then select Continue as Username.
  4. Don’t forget to set the options people will take when clicking the button in the ad, to do so click the land arrow button in the upper right corner.
  5. Next set the ad target, what kind of users will be targeted, in this you can make your own concoction, adjust it to the product to be advertised, or you can select automatically, and click the back arrow button.
  6. In addition, you also have to set an ad financing plan and how long to subscribe to the ad feature, then confirm by clicking the arrow button.
  7. To see the ad selection that will be promoted, click the option Show Sample Promo.
  8. To choose the type of payment for Instagram ads, you can click the Add Money button, then select New Credit or Debit Card, and fill in the requested form.
  9. When everything is finished, click the Save Card button.
  10. The final step is to just click the Create Promotion button to start the ad that was previously created.

After the ad is successfully loaded, you must also check the achievement and success of the ad by clicking the Insights button in the post that has been promoted. The goal is that we can evaluate the advertisements that are made, to be studied and developed, as a consideration when making further advertisements.

Is There A Free Instagram Promotion Way?

Apart from using the paid advertising promotion feature on Instagram, you can also use other ways to promote for free on Instagram, namely by using the hashtag feature to reach more users on Instagram.

This free feature of Instagram can be very powerful for product promotion, we only need to upload interesting video or photo content by using hashtags related to historical or trending topics.

For those of you who don’t have the tools to view hashtags or topics that are currently being hit, there is an alternative way to find out, namely by using social media like Twitter, because usually, those who are currently tweeting on Twitter are also tweeting on Instagram, although not all, but you can try it.

The hashtags that are being discussed a lot by nitizens can be found in the search field, a collection of topics or hashtags that are currently popular will appear.

Apart from using trending hashtags, you can also use brands, times, contests and other hashtags that are widely used by users, so that the uploads you want to promote can reach many people.

For another way that is no less effective for promoting your product, you can use the hashtags on the profile page so that your business profile can also be easily found when a user is searching for topics with the hashtags you use.

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