Best Facebook Games To Play In 2023

Best Facebook Games: Facebook players represent up to 25% of monthly active Facebook users. This is a significant number considering that Facebook has over a billion users.

Best Facebook Games to Play

There are thousands of games with several varieties in the class that allow users to keep in touch with their distant friends while creating new ones.

So aside from great features like sharing photos and videos, Facebook also has plenty of game choices. Here are the best Facebook games you should have in your collections.

List of the best Facebook games

1. Texas Holdem poker

If you like live poker games, Texas Hold’em Poker will fascinate you. It is an exciting game based on probability and theory, and one that has many followers in card games.

The game lets you play with fantastic features and it is easy to play – it has a pot where all the players put their virtual money and the computer randomly draws the cards.

You can play Texas Hold’em Poker with your friends or find new players you can play with. What makes it more interesting is that it’s free and available in the game room or you can download it on any of your devices.

2. Cookie Jam

With over 5 million monthly users, Cookie Jam is a fun game to play. Although this game is free, it also has some difficult parts. You can start the game with the bakery on wheels and while completing this quest you can also explore the delicious pastries from different parts of the world.

You need to bite your cookies as far as possible before the gingerbread man-crushes them. Cookie Jam is an addicting game that lets you level up by solving sweet recipe challenges by creating delicious cookie combos.

This game is also available for Android and iOS users.

3. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is considered one of the most popular Facebook games with over 50 million users per month. With over 900 levels, the game is so fun and addicting that you will never get tired of playing.

It requires you to solve different puzzles such as matching similar candy, finding items, defusing candy bombs, unprecedented speed, and much more.

As a new player, the game offers several free levels, and after which you have to make a payment or send a Facebook request to friends to unlock more lives. Candy Crush Saga is easy to play and gives you the option to play with your friends as long as you sync it with your Facebook account.

You can play this game on all mobile operating systems including iOS, Androids, and Windows.

4. FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 is a farm simulation game that lets you create your farm in a fantastic 3D world. The remarkable characters make the game more interesting, and you can breed beautiful animals, grow and harvest crops, and cook delicious specialties.

The game has a monthly user status of 5 million, and it’s a free game that you can play with friends on Facebook at any time.

This is the sequel to the first version called “FarmVille” and offers better graphics and animations with the same concept as the first.

Besides playing this game on Facebook, it is also available on all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows.

5. Criminal Case

The criminal case concerns the resolution of the crime. Just like the CIA, FBI, and other detectives, this game showcases your investigative skills. It allows you to act as a detective while affecting different cases that you can solve with the help of hidden clues.

The game also lets you solve crime scene puzzles using essential clues. And with the in-game currency, you can perform different tasks.

With a monthly user base of over 10 million, this game is one of the most popular on Facebook. It is also available on Android and iOS platforms.

6. Bejeweled Blitz

It is a simple game that is very popular among Facebook players. With Bejeweled Blitz, you can enjoy a minute of Match 3 fun with PopCap Games.

At the same time, it gives you 60 action-packed seconds and you can detonate as many as you can. The game is played by around 125 million players worldwide.

You can be matched with other players of your level on Facebook and battle it out for the highest score. You can show your skills and complete various tasks. Each contest offers a new way to play.

With sparkling new content, you can enjoy sound and new visuals that enhance your gaming experience.

7. Clash of Clans

Join many other players on Facebook to create a clan, build your village, and participate in heroic clan wars. Clash of Clans is a fun, strategy-based game with around 10 million users per month.

With this addicting battle game, you can fulfill your dream of forming a team of wizards and warriors. You can also get into the action with other Facebook players in the epic combat.

Fight other players and destroy their posts, and only check your movement when you have no movement left, your aid is finished, and you are out of lives.

The fun of playing this game is that you are free to choose your characters and make your community a formidable fortress. The Clash of Clans is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

8. 8 Ball Pool

Developed by Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool is a multiplayer game in which you have to score against other players. It offers the possibility to play against over 10 million players online, making it one of the most popular free Facebook games in the sports and games genre. 8 Ball Pool provides easy to understand rules and the animation is one of the best.

You can play 8 Ball Pool game on all Android and iOS platforms. Besides competing with other players online, you can also participate in the championship in order to earn goodies.

9. Real Racing 3

Belonging to the sports and racing genre, Real Racing 3 has over a million users every month. EA Support, a leading game developer, is developing this racing game and as planned; it comes with high-quality graphics that give you the best experience.

In the game, you can buy cars, maintain them, and improve their functionality, just like you would with a real car. You can compete against your friends online in different game modes and you can also get cash prizes which you can use to upgrade or buy a new car.

Both iOS and Android users can get this game from their respective stores.

10. Top Eleven Be A Football Manager

If you like a soccer coach, you will surely like this Facebook targeting game. The game differs from other soccer games by including several features in the game. It has one of the best coaches for the public face.

Top Eleven is one of the most popular simulation games on Facebook and plans to stay that way for a long time to come. The game is necessarily a single-player game, but it does feature multiplayer interaction.

You can play this game with your friends or the teams of other players. They are scheduled at the actual time and date. All football lovers will enjoy this football manager game.

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