Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: How To Defeat All Bosses

We insert the tricks and theguide Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, the game developed byFrom Softwareis available on PS4Xbox One and PC. Specifically, we provide you with the guides todefeat all the bossesin the game, evaluating the various strategies and combat tactics.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: How to Defeat All Bosses
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: How to Defeat All Bosses

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: How to Defeat All Bosses

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice guide – defeat Boss General Naomori Kawarada

The clash againstGeneral Naomori Kawaradatakes place in the region of Ashina Outskirts region.

Location: Suburbs of Ashina

Immediately after the idol you will meet a great samurai. It is the only enemy present in the courtyard.

Strategy: sneak over the roofs to the left without being seen by General Naomori. Then sneak up from behind by stabbing him in the back. This attack takes away one of his lives.

Now simply attack with the standard R1 / RB sword and each time he attacks he simply blocks the blow (or neutralize it by pressing the L1 / LB button just before his attacks arrive). Repeat until his guard breaks.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Chained Orc boss guide

Location: Ashina Suburbs – Suburbs Wall staircase

Strategy: First, kill all the smaller enemies in the area. Before you even go upstairs to the Orc, kill the two guards at the bottom of the stairs.

Going up the staircase, go to the left corner to kill the man with the spear. When the ogre attacks, press the left stick above and dodge twice. This will allow you to go behind the orc’s back where it can’t hit you. Make 2-3 shots and repeat.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss guide General Tenzen Yamauchi

Location: Ashina Periferia – Periferia Wall staircase

In the area after the ogre you will find this boss. you have already taken a pumpkin seed and another can be found in the building after the chained ogre. With these two seeds it is possible to improve the health flask twice in order to have 3 treatments.Strategy: Ignore the boss and kill all the mobs (smaller enemies) in the area.

Try not to lose too much health, ideally without using the cure. After the monsters are dead, go back from the road you came from and escape the boss’s eyes. Try to sneak behind his back, with an attack from behind you can immediately take one of his lives.

Now use the same tactic as the Orc: when the boss attacks, hit: l-up :, dodge, dodge, hit. Repeat until his defense breaks. If you killed the firstNaomori boss.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Gyoubu Oniwa guide

Location: Suburbs of Ashina – Fortress of Ashina Castle

After the last boss “General Tenzen Yamauchi” it is necessary to go down a cliff (where a tree is facing a large opening / abyss on the other side). After descending, you will find a canyon where alarge snakeattacks you.

Go through this area and follow the main path until you reach a battlefield where Gyoubu Oniwa arrives on horseback through a gate.

Strategy: Gyoubu is the first “real boss” in the game. Gallops on horseback and attacks with a spear. His strength is given by the long reach of the shots, but his weakness is in the poor defense.

As with any big boss, you should first learn to block all attacks, take a test ride and block everything without even worrying about attacking. When you have memorized the attack model you can start.

The easiest way is to block his chain attacks until he performs a heavy attack which leaves him helpless / unable to move for 2-3 seconds. So attack it twice. He immediately begins to block his attacks, but if your posture is about to break, dodge back 2-3 times to escape.

Just block all his attacks and always attack when he is unable to move. Repeat this process. It takes a while, but it’s relatively risk-free. Another thing to watch out for is when a green dot appears over Gyoubu’s head.

You can attack it with L2 / LT, this will temporarily make it unable to move for 2-3 seconds. You can also keep your distance and let it run around the area, so just use the grappling hook and attack twice, run away.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss guide Shinobi Hunter Enshin Misen

Location: Hirata Estate

Follow the Path of the Estate until you cross a bridge with two shielded enemies. In the garden, you will meet a boy in a white robe and a spear.

Strategy: In Stealth, kill the enemy with the flashlight closest to the bridge, then run forward and kill the archer and the other two melee enemies. Now run away, go back so that the boss loses sight of you, now you no longer need to deal with mobs. Sneak along the grass to the left and sneak up on the boss.

This takes away one of his two lives. Now use: l-up :, dodge, dodge to get behind him, attack him with two shots, repeat. Alternatively, use the art of Turbine Combat when you are behind him.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Juzou the Drunkard Guide

Location: Hirate Estate – main hall

Do you remember where you crossed the bridge with the two shielded enemies, just before our last boss Shinobi Hunter? Go back to that bridge and jump down into the water.

Then swim upstream until you see a branch on the left that you can climb on. Then follow the path until you have to jump over a well and finally reach the burning houses. There you will meet Juzou.

Strategy: Talk to the Samurai who is in the shallow water just before meeting Juzou (straight across from where Juzou is located). The samurai is standing near a rock and is wearing blue clothes.

When you talk to him, he will help you in the fight by distracting the boss. The samurai will likely die after a few seconds. Block the Boss and always press: l-up: dodge 2-3 times, hit twice, repeat.

The boss will not be able to hit you when you dodge in his direction (thus coming behind him). This strategy works for almost all bosses in the game. Repeat until it dies.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Lady Butterfly Guide

Location: Hirata Estate – Hirata Audience Chamber

You enter this place immediately after defeating the boss Juzou (building that guarded). You will find only one archer and behind him you can interact with a carpet. This leads downstairs and to a large gate.

To open it you need the key you get when you follow the path after Boss # 5(Shinobi hunter). You will meet a friend in the burning courtyard who will give you the key. So the boss gate can be opened.

Strategy: This clash has two phases. Even thoughLady Butterflyshows only 1 life, it will actually regenerate after you kill her the first time (which means you have to defeat her twice).

The boss attacks quickly and has the largest set of moves. Perform 2-3 training tests only by studying his move and trying to block and dodge his attacks in order to understand his movements.

For this fight equips the Art of Turbine combat. When he is about to launch an attack, make this move: l-su :, dodge, dodge, use Turbine (: l1: +: r1: /: lb: +: rb :). Repeat until it dies. Dodging at the right time takes a little practice, when performing an attack with a red icon on the screen, he always dodges to the side very quickly.After killing her for the first time, run to the end of the area she first came in from the start of the fight.

Being there before she arrives will allow you to attack her from behind immediately. Take advantage of the same tactic as before, dodge, dodge, vortex, repeat. The only difference now is that shewill evoke illusions(ghost soldiers). When he does, simply jump around the area in the large circle (run behind the wooden pillars while pressing: x: /: a: quickly to jump).

After a few seconds the ghosts will disappear turning into bright lights, but if you keep running around the area they will never hit you. The boss occasionally calls up the bright lights and shoots them at you, always dodging them because they can’t be blocked.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Blazing Bull boss guide

Location: Ashina Suburbs – Gate of Ashina Castle

You will meet this boss immediately after fighting against Gyoubu Oniwa, inside the main castle.

Strategy: the flaming bull has a lot of health but only one life. It cannot block any of your attacks. It takes advantage of extremely powerful attacks that cannot be completely blocked (the block still causes some damage), but can only attack with its horns. So if you keep behind the bull it can’t hit you.

The bull has two main movements: running towards you and attacking quickly with the horns while standing still. When he runs towards you, always dodge forward: l-up: +: circle: /: b: when his horns touch the ground. To learn the timing it will take some attempts. 2 or 3 test sessions are recommended for practice only.

When the bull slides his horns onto the ground, he is about to perform you with an extremely powerful frontal attack that can kill you with one shot. So always avoid the attack when the horn hits the ground to escape this attack 100% of the time.

When the bull finishes running he will be vulnerable for a second while turning. Hit it with 1-2 shots but always behind your back. ALWAYS dodge from BEHIND your back, Not to the side. When the bull starts running again, focus first on dodging.

Try to hit him when the bull turns, but don’t force the play, getting hit by his moving move will take away more than half of your health and that’s not worth the risk. When the bull’s health drops, throw shurikens to further damage him from a safe distance.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Seven Achina Spears – Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi

Location: Ashina Castle – Ashina Game Reserve

After arriving at Ashina Castle, take the path on your left, open a gate and go down. Near the idol there is an area with two large hammers and some stairs leading to the temple where you saw the divine heir for the first time in the prologue. There you find theboss Seven Spears.

Strategy: this is one of the few bosses tododge, dodge, attack will NOT work. The best way to defeat him quickly is to break the guard, first, we’ll take one of his lives away with a sneak attack.

Take the same path you did in the prologue to climb the left side of the mountain, through the hole to the temple. Don’t get noticed by any enemy or they’ll chase you during the boss fight!

After reaching the temple through the cliff, you can attack the boss from behind. Use the “Firecrackers” (purchased from the merchant near Ashina Periferia – Gate Path) + the fighting art “Ichimonji: Double” (Ashina Arts fighting style) are highly recommended.

When using sweeps, double jump to cause posture damage. The other moves you have to deviate or block them and try to attack in order not to decrease the posture.

When his posture drops by about 30%, start throwing firecrackers to stun him and immediately use Ichimoji: double combat art to attack. This combat art deals massive posture damage. With this combo, you can stun him 8 times in a row and continue using combat art until his guard breaks.

Also, you can use “Fistful of Ash” (item) to stun him 10 more times. An easy victory for an otherwise very difficult fight. Do not try to eliminate all his health, he has too much, breaking his guard is the way to go.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Lone Shadow Longswordman

Location: Ashina Castle – Ashina Game Reserve

After entering Ashina Castle, take the path on your left, open a gate and go down. From the idol jump the two branches of the tree to the left and you will land in an enemy field, walk to the cliff, then look to the right, the path leads to an area with a “friend” samurai standing above a hole. Jump down the hole to find the boss.

Strategy: Whenever the boss is about to launch an attack, dodge towards him: l-up :: circle: (beyond his left side), then use the art of Turbine Combat and repeat. You just need to cut time. Dodge towards him exactly when he is about to throw the sword or make another attack and he will never be able to hit you.

The art of Turbine Combat is very fast and will hit you twice. After meeting him for the first time, he will probably always spot you when you enter the area, but luckily he doesn’t have much health.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Ashina Elite Guide – Jinsuke Saze

Location: Ashina Castle – Ashina Dojo upper tower

Go back to the first idol of Ashina Castle (the idol itself is called “Ashina Castle”), then take the path on the right and jump on the roofs. Follow the rooftops to enter the tall tower in the middle of the area (the tallest building on the map, easy to see).

Once inside the top of the tower, there are some samurai in blue robes. In a room on the right (top floor) there are 2-3 of them and you can fall into a hole in the ceiling. From there it is possible to follow the path to reach the Ashina Dojo at the top of the tower.

Strategy: This boss hits hard but has very little health and poor defense. Spammalo with the art of swirling combat. It will still cause him damage even when he blocks attacks. Play aggressively. Use Firecrackers (Prosthetic Tool) to stun him or dodge towards him when he hits: l-up :: circle :. Sometimes he strikes again while dodging, in which case he avoids healing and repeating.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Boss Genichiro Ashina – Way of Tomoe

Location: Ashina Castle – Ashina Dojo upper tower

This boss arrives immediately after theAshina Elite – Jinsuke Saze. In the room where you fought that boss, go up the window and reach the roof.

Strategy:Genichiro Achina has two phases. In the first phase he has 2 lives, his move remains the same. After both of his lives disappear, he turns into his second form ”Way of Tomoe”Which has only 1 life. The “Ax loaded” prosthetic tool is excellent for this fight as it causes serious postural damage.

Decreasing her health takes too long, instead try to reduce her posture. You have to control the fight, don’t let it take over. Approach him and hit him with normal shots so he can’t even use his bow. The basic tactic is to hit him 1-2 times, then attack but you have to neutralize (hold: l1: to block and before his attack hits, touch: l1: to counter). Then attack it with 1-2 basic sword strokes: r1: and repeat.

Sometimes he makes a series of quick shots, keeps blocking them to quickly neutralize them. However, just neutralizing will not be enough, you must also cause him damage. If you continue to hammer with normal sword strokes, you will hit it occasionally. Every time he tries to launch an attack you will have a one second window to attack it.

You just need to get him to around 60% health and his posture will quickly freeze. At this point you can use the loaded Ax tool to quickly exhaust his posture. When both lives are exhausted, hewill turn into a stronger version of himself and start using thunder attacks.

When jumping in the air for an attack, always dodge to the left. Do the same for all other thunder attacks. The rest of his move group is identical to his second form, he takes advantage of spam attacks until his posture breaks.

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