How Can I Speed Up the Game Loading on Your Computer?

Few people know how to speed up the installation of games. Many players trying to set up a part of the next downloaded project sometimes wait several hours until they are entered.

How Can I Speed Up the Game Loading on Your Computer?
How Can I Speed Up the Game Loading on Your Computer?

How Can I Speed Up the Game Loading on Your Computer?

In fact, the problem is often that you have an old computer and sometimes games have a really huge amount and a lot of files that take that long to install. In such cases, it continues to act as follows.

Replace the hard drive

The hard disk is the first thing that is responsible for the computing speed on the computer.

The hard drive is the heart of the computer because we use a PC as the computing tool and in any system unit this function is taken over by the hard drive installed within it.

Modern drives differ from each other not only in terms of volume but also in a number of other technical parameters, including the speed of processing various information in the recording process.

It is worth noting that today it is possible to install solid state drives instead of hard drives that are not very productive.

If you want to download modern PC games and you will not be using an immeasurable amount of memory on your computer, instead of replacing your standard hard drive with a new SSD right away, it is very important not only with how to speed up the installation of the games, but also to significantly increase the computer performance.

Such devices are quite expensive if you compare their cost with the price of hard drives, but their performance is increased several times compared to traditional HDDs.

So if you’re looking for a way to speed up the installation of games, you need to make sure you have a really high quality and efficient hard disk drive.

Replace DVD-ROM

Do not download games on a computer, licensed projects from official sites, but buy from physical media, you should also pay attention to the quality of the DVD-ROM installed on your system unit.

Modern drives differ from physical drives in the speed at which they read files, so there is nothing difficult in choosing the best option for them.

However, it must be said right away that you should consider replacing your DVD drive if you are using discs for installation.

If you prefer to download the projects you are interested in from the Internet and have a question about how to speed up the installation of games after downloading, then you do not have to worry about the quality of this item as it plays absolutely no role in this case.


A small RAM is also the reason games are loaded on a computer for a long time. In this context, if you know that you have a really good quality and productive driver installed and you are also using the most modern driver, but at the same time some games continue to slow down during the installation process, you might think the problem is already the problem. insufficient amount of RAM in the computer.

There are two choices:

  • Add fees.
  • Replace existing ones.

Adding cards is only valid if you have given the possibility to add them now. Quite often, only one card is placed in the system unit initially, but there are several free slots that allow for expansion.

Thus, you can solve the problem of how to speed up the installation of games in Windows 7 and other operating systems.

If you once added a motherboard and now all slots are occupied, you will need to replace the preinstalled motherboard with a larger one.

Clean computer

The latest version of how to speed up the installation of the game is to clean the computer of all kinds of “garbage”.

In principle, this procedure is quite important, because it is usually the case that the computer is clogged with all kinds of “garbage”, but the user does not know anything about it, nor does it know the possibility of accumulation.

In such cases, programs like CCleaner, which perform a comprehensive computer analysis and delete all additional data, will help.

This way, you will not only increase the performance of your machine but also free up space on the hard drive, which is very important for many.

If you are trying to figure out how to speed up the installation of the game GTA 5, you must have Windows Media Player installed on your computer so the game does not “swear” during installation.

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