Easy Ways To Win Playing Werewolf Games On Hago

Win Playing Werewolf Games on Hago: Who doesn’t know the Hago game? Games that are very popular today in all circles, from old to young, men and women can play this Hago game.

Easy Ways to Win Playing Werewolf Games on Hago

Hago is an application that contains several games, we can play these games online to become our opponents and friends. There are so many games in Hago, but here we will discuss one of the games, Werewolf.

Tips for Playing Werewolf Games on Hago

As stated in the title of this post, these tips are ways to win playing the Werewolf Hago Game when we play the role of being a Werewolf. This method is very easy to do, what we do first is to manipulate the hot profile photo to make it look AFK (Away From Keyboard) or leave the game, Example below:

The screenshot above is my account, by manipulating your photos like the screenshot above. So it makes it seem as if you are leaving the game and other players won’t suspect you as a werewolf even though the werewolf is eating other citizens until they run out.

Even worse, it could allow other players to accuse each other of accusing them of being a werewolf. And make it easier for you to win at werewolf hago.

Please download the AFK image template below, you can edit your photos using Adobe Photoshop or use Logo Licious (on Play Store). For how to edit photos just paste, it’s very easy how come you just adjust the size.

I myself who wrote and shared an easy way to win playing werewolf in Hago practiced this method and felt it was more exciting because no one realized that I was the werewolf and other players accused each other of accusing and I could enjoy their dispute.

If you are having problems or want to ask about posting this easy way to win werewolf hago, please leave the comet below, and don’t forget to make the hago players.

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