Quickest Ways to Make Money Freelancing

Freelance work is a feasible option to make easy bucks. Once you understand how to earn through freelancing, it could even turn into a full-time business.

Unfortunately, many people get frustrated at their starting, because of some spam and bad advice on how to make money freelancing.

Quickest Ways to Make Money Freelancing
Quickest Ways to Make Money Freelancin

Quickest Ways to Make Money Freelancing

In addition to a great way to make extra money, freelance can be your 9 to 5 rat race ticket. Not that you can quit work after you start your freelance online business. In fact, you may find yourself working even longer hours than a traditional job.

In order to help you increase your freelance income and avoid the mistakes most freelancers make, we have found quick ways to make money freelancing.

Choose a Niche

When you are starting freelancing, you may feel ready to accept ay paid job you may have in your hands. For a secured freelancing career, you will have to become more strategic about the types of work you do and the clients you hire. Because when you specialize, you become an expert in a specific area, and experts can charge more for their specialized services.

The more specific you are about the services you offer, the better. Not only will it help you stand out, but also it will allow you to control how potential customers perceive you and give you the opportunity to continue building your portfolio in the direction you want to move.

Create a High-Quality Portfolio Site

One of the best ways to demonstrate your technical skills is to have your own amazing portfolio site. If you want to be taken seriously as a new freelancer, you will need a website that:

  • Says who you are
  • Shows your skills and expertise
  • Highlights of relevant past experiences
  • It contains your contact information so that potential customers can easily find you.

The goal of his portfolio is to educate, generate interest, and convince potential clients that they will want to choose it for their technical needs. That is why it is worth investing time to decide what should appear in your portfolio and how it should be displayed before you start looking for new projects.

Apply for High-Probability Freelancing Job

Well, there are many jobs available on UpWork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and so on. What we need to do here is apply for as many jobs as possible. It is the most critical issue to consider to make money freelancing.

As you have already decided what service you are going to offer, search for relevant job posts. The most significant issue to keep in mind is that finding the right client. It is as important as finding the right job.

  • Here’s how to tell if you’re on the right track:
  • The client values your opinion
  • Sees you as an expert
  • Is very clear about what they want
  • Seeks for your guidance

Send your Freelancing Proposals

You make a very specific and elaborate proposal for each position you are applying for. If you don’t, your proposal will be lost in the mix. Yes, it takes much more time and energy, but your success rate will be much higher (and you will probably get better-paying jobs).

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Use your name
  • Use directed language
  • Include testimonials
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality
  • Focus on your relevant experience
  • Show the value you will bring
  • End with a powerful call to action

Negotiate Properly with Your Client

At this point, if the customer likes you, you will have to make the deal. There may be some others that the client is also considering. The most important thing is not to treat this like a traditional job interview. If the client begins to assault you with questions and treats you as an employee to hire, this may not be appropriate, Of course, there are exceptions, but clients who generally do this won’t see you as the expert.

Remember, as a freelancer, you have the opportunity of directly working with clients. If someone doesn’t seem like a good candidate, don’t push them, just skip to the next job.

After the Work is Done!

Wrap it with a bow and take it out of the water. This is the mindset you need to have if you want to turn a single client into a lifelong customer. If you do this, chances are you will be asked to do more work.

If not, be sure to leave the door open and touch the base with them from time to time. Add them to your contact list and ask for their permission if you can sign off and get another client. Instead of bothering you, they’ll be delighted that you make sure they can ask for help when they need it for your next project. Ask for a good review and take testimonials if needed.

In Conclusion

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want to do. The beauty of make money freelancing is that you can try out all kinds of niches and different professions in no time! If you don’t like what you’re doing, just try something else. Best of Luck!

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV Without Using the Dock

Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV: The company Nintendo switch has been and continues to be the best seller of Japanese society. A console that we can use in both portable mode and desktop format dock included. However, one of the problems that users report is that this support ends up scratching the touch screen of the switch.

How can this be solved? Say goodbye to the original media. Today we explain how you can Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV without using it.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV Without Using the Dock
How to Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV Without Using the Dock

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to the TV Without Using the Dock

A possible solution to this problem began with a video posted on YouTube. It proposes an “alternative” method to the original dock, using an extension cable from the USB-C port that this game console uses to load and display images on another screen.

The truth is that, despite being a completely valid solution, it has certain disadvantages:

  • Continue to use the original dock, and you also need another bracket for the console ventilation to work properly.
  • It’s extremely ugly.

In our opinion, if you are a user who is or is afraid to become one of those users for whom the original support indicates the screen, the solution is to use tempered glass.

How to connect the switch without using the original bracket

However, if you are determined to find an alternative to the Internet dock that Switch brings to you, there are two possible solutions for connecting it to your TV:

  • Buy an alternative dock.
  • Get the necessary cables and connectors.

If you are concerned about the complexity of the process, you can relax. Using any of these alternatives does not cause any problems. All you have to do is clarify how the original accessories work.

The Dock for Nintendo Switch is nothing more than support that adds connectivity using the USB-C connector on the bottom of the console: HDMI, USB and other USB-C for charging. So when we know that, let’s look at the remaining options you can use.

Alternative docks

The first solution and then the simplest is to purchase alternative support. This class of equipment may include better cooling, have more ports and the key to avoiding the problem that concerns us, they are not there front it can damage our screen.

There are many models of this type of accessory, but to make your search a little easier, we’ll show you the two options we thought were most interesting.

Brackets and connectors

The second alternative you need to create is to buy two different accessories:

  • Support: you need a base that supports the console so that, as we mentioned at the beginning, the ventilation system of this device works properly. In addition, it facilitates the connecting section with another basic element. And for most magicians, there are promotions with theme games based on: Mario, Zelda, etc.
  • Connectors: This is an essential element because this is what gives us the necessary ports to make a connection. They are known as HUBs and add ports such as HDMI (for displaying a picture on a TV), a charging connector, or USB ports through the USB-C connector.

With this accessory in our possession, we place the HUB in the USB-C connector of the switch, add the charger of this console to the adapter and connect it to the TV using an HDMI to HDMI cable. We support this set of support and voila, we can start playing on the big screen.

These are alternatives to the original Nintendo Switch dock. If you have any questions regarding these devices or the connection or use process, please feel free to leave us a comment and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

How to Upload VLC content to Chromecast

Upload VLC content to Chromecast: VLC is one of the most popular free and open PC media players we can find. Its great success is mainly due to the fact that it supports virtually any audio and video format without the need to download, install or configure codecs.

Still, it’s also one of the most innovative, trying to bring users features not available in other media players, such as Chromecast support.

How to Upload VLC content to Chromecast
How to Upload VLC content to Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the essential devices in any home. We connect this device to a TV (or any screen) via the HDMI port and allow us to play video from various sources. Its original use is to allow us to send videos from a mobile phone to a television, especially on televisions that do not have a SmartTV function.

However, this is not the only use we can use, because together with the VLC player we can use this device to play movies on a computer and send them wirelessly to our TV.

All we need is to have a VLC player, a Chromecast, if possible, a second-generation or later (for the best possible performance) and a computer connected to the local network. We recommend connecting your computer to your network with a cable and Chromecast using Wi-Fi at 5 GHz for the best possible quality when transferring content.

How to Upload VLC content to Chromecast

The first thing we should do is to make sure we have a VLC player installed on our computer. And if we have it, we need to make sure we have one of the latest versions installed, because Chromecast support has been in the player since version 3.0, but it was very unstable in the beginning.

If we already have it installed, the next thing we will do is open the video or movie we want to play and start watching it directly in VLC. Once the video is open (we can pause it), the next step is to tell the program to upload it to Chromecast.

To do this, select the “Playback” menu, and the “Processor” section. We can see that VLC automatically shows us all the casts of devices like Chromecast that we have with us.

The video will automatically start playing at your destination, Chromecast. While it will play there, we will not be able to see it from the VLC computer, although we will have to use it to control playback.

If we get tired of TV and want to go back to the computer, simply go back to the “Processor” section in the “Play” menu and select what we want to play “Local”. The video reappears on the PC.

Remote VLC control

One of the problems with sending content from your computer to your TV via Chromecast is that we won’t be able to control playback unless you transfer the keyboard to your TV or have it near your computer.

In this case, it is best to resort to one of the many wireless controls that allow us to control the VLC from an Android or iOS mobile remotely. One of the most popular is VLC Remote, which we can also download for Android and iOS.

How to Call with Apple Watch

Call with Apple Watch: If you’ve had an Apple Watch lately, it’s possible that one of your big doubts is making a watch with a watch. This is something that virtually all smartwatches on the market can do, and an apple wouldn’t be less. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can do this by pre-activating certain settings using the iPhone.

How to Call with Apple Watch
How to Call with Apple Watch

How to Call with Apple Watch

One of the benefits of having an Apple Watch Cell version is the ability to have eSIM on this device. This reduces your reliance on the iPhone to perform certain procedures that require the Internet and to others, such as answering calls. If you have this version, you can manage these calls from anywhere with a watch.

If you have the Apple Watch WiFi version, it will require an iPhone in the vast majority of Internet and call-related procedures.

So you’ll need to have a cell phone nearby if you want to make or receive calls on your watch. It should be noted that both in this case and in the previous case, you will not have to make any previous adjustments.

Receive calls on Apple Watch

Whether you have an Apple Watch with eSIM or a normal version, the way you handle incoming calls is very intuitive and similar to any phone:

  • Reject a call by pressing the red key, which will send the call to voicemail if you have this feature active.
  • Answer the call by pressing the green button. The clock speaker will help you listen to your partner, although if you wear AirPods and are connected to a clock, they will serve as a receiver and microphone.
  • To send the call to the iPhone, touch the three dots that appear on the screen, then tap “Answer using iPhone.” At that time, the call will be paused until you answer the iPhone to which you paired the watch.
  • Answer the call with a text message by tapping the three dots and then selecting “Reply with the text message”.

Make calls with Apple Watch

There are several ways to call from a watch, no matter what version it is:

  • Bring the watch to your mouth and say “Hello Siri” followed by “call (contact name)”.
  • Hold the digital crown to call Siri and say “Call (contact name)”.
  • Open the Apple Watch menu and open the Phone appHere you can access your favorite contacts, recent calls, your contacts, the keyboard, or access to listen to voice messages.

Problems answering or making a call?

Here are solutions to the main problems you may encounter when making or sending calls on your Apple Watch:

  • If Do Not Disturb on the watch mode is activated, you will not receive calls. You can deactivate it from the control center of this app or from the Apple Watch app on iPhone.
  • Coverage issues with Apple Watch Cellular or iPhone. If you are in an area with little or no coverage, you cannot make or receive calls on any device.
  • That Apple Watch is not properly connected to the iPhone, which would affect not only these types of actions but all those that require synchronization between them. To reset the watch, go to Settings> Reset.
  • That eSIM does not work, for which you will need to contact your telephone company to resolve this issue.

In short, there are usually no problems making calls with the Apple Watch. If you didn’t know this feature, now you know you can use it and talk from your wrist, something very futuristic in movies from other decades, and that’s more than reality.

How to Limit Usage Time on Xbox One and Windows 10

Limit Usage Time on Xbox One: You’ve probably never paid attention to it, but did you know that you can limit the amount of time your children use Xbox One? Yes, it may be one of the options they don’t like very much, but as a parent or guardian it will be very useful.

This allows you to know how much time they are investing in video games and to slow them down if they abuse them.

How to Limit Usage Time on Xbox One and Windows 10
How to Limit Usage Time on Xbox One and Windows 10

How to Limit Usage Time on Xbox One and Windows 10

Microsoft provides tools that allow you to, among other things, reduce the usage time or screen time when using applications and devices. This is really useful in the case of the Xbox One, if you also need to better manage its use by the smallest of the house.

So if you’re interested and want to know how to better control or determine the certainty of your gaming limits, we’ll explain everything you need to know and the steps you need to take to reduce the time you use your Xbox One. And by the way in Windows, if interested as well.

Adjusting the usage time limit on the Xbox One is done using the Family options that Microsoft offers on its website. This means you don’t have to go directly to the console, but to the Microsoft Family page. The first thing you should do is to create a family group. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Family website and log in with your main account
  2. Then click on the option to add a new family member and enter their email
  3. If you don’t have it, you can create one. As a minor’s account, you will need to confirm your main account and log in to authorize its creation.
  1. With the account already created, add it to the family group
  2. Now that you are in the family, select it and go to Time on Choice screen
  3. You will see that there are two buttons that allow you to activate restrictions for Xbox One and Windows 10
  4. Select the desired system or both
  5. Below you will see a calendar where you can define hours and limits by day of the week or in general.

Now that you have created a responsible child or minor account and within the family group, the next step is to go directly to the console. Log in to your main account, the first thing you need to do is create a password to prevent them from using your gaming account. This can be done using the login and security options.

Next, go to the Xbox settings menu and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to General> Safety and Family Online> Family Settings
  2. choose to add new family members
  3. Select your child’s account and enter their password
  4. If you are logging in for the first time, enter the name or Gamertag you will use for recognition

Done, you’ve already configured your account and your child’s or minor’s account on Xbox One. From now on, when you log in with this account, you set a time limit of will to apply.

If exceeded, the console will block use and not allow them to continue until you approve. Logically, calendars can be edited at any time to provide more hours during the holidays or public holidays.

For Windows 10 computers, the process is the same, and all you have to do extra is to create a user account that will allow them to log on to the computer.

Emergency Contacts for iPhone: Settings, Add and Remove

We are all exposed to an accident at any time. In order for Apple to contact local emergency services as quickly as possible and with the most popular people, Apple has created a special communication system. In this article, we will tell you what emergency contacts are and how you can configure them.

Emergency Contacts for iPhone: Settings, Add and Remove
Emergency Contacts for iPhone: Settings, Add and Remove

What are emergency contacts?

The iPhone has a feature called “SOS Emergency”. By activating this mode, iPhone will automatically call local emergency services.

However, this is not all, as you can also add a set of emergency contacts, so that these contacts will be notified when you end the call to the emergency services.

The message that is sent contains the location at that time, as well as the location change that is made in minutes after the SOS is performed.

Contact emergency services

This feature is extremely useful for older people who live alone or athletes who walk through less crowded areas. In the event of an accident, the SOS function can be activated as follows:

  1. Hold down the side button and one of the volume buttons to bring up the “SOS Emergency” option.
  2. When you drag, a countdown is displayed and contacts the emergency services when done.

If you have an iPhone 7 or previous model, follow these steps:

  1. Press the side or top button five times five times quickly.
  2. Drag the SOS emergency controller to call emergency services automatically.

If Apple Watch is compatible with the fall detector, the call will be made automatically when a fall is detected and no answer is received.

If you have accidentally activated the SOS emergency service, you can cancel it at any time during the activated countdown or by hanging up to the emergency services before starting a call. Keep in mind that this feature should not be used for “testing” or entertainment.

Contacting emergency services if an alert situation is not available can lead to crime. This feature is exclusive when a problem occurs.

Add emergency contacts

When configuring this SOS mode, it is important to add trusted contacts. As we have already mentioned, these people will have access to the site 24 hours after the specific accident. In order to add them, they must be done through the Health app, following these steps:

  1. Open the Health app and click on your profile picture.
  2. Click on “Medical Data”
  3. Click “Edit” in the upper right corner.
  4. Scroll down to the Emergency Contacts section and click on ‘Add Emergency Contact’.
  5. Select the contact you want to select and specify the relationship with that person.

From now on, the selected persons will receive a text message when the SOS emergency warning is triggered.

It is important to note that you will be notified of the possibility to stop sharing your location within 24 hours of activating the SOS alert. This is important to protect the user’s privacy because once you find it, it’s a good idea to stop sharing it.

Remove emergency contacts

If we want to customize the people we have in our emergency contacts, Apple makes it very easy. To delete an emergency contact, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Health app.
  2. Click on the profile icon at the top right.
  3. Click on “Medical data”.
  4. Go to “Edit” and look for the emergency contacts section.
  5. You will see a “-” next to your saved contacts with a red circle. Click it to delete and save your changes.

This will ensure that this user never receives a text message with our location in the event of an accident.

This is a feature that everyone should have configured on their iPhone. Undoubtedly, you can save lives by finding a person who has had an accident who can be very serious thanks to GPS.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

WhatsApp Cache: There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the applications we use the most on our mobile phones every day. Through the famous messaging app, we can receive hundreds of text messages and dozens of photos, memes, videos, etc. every day.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors
WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

This can cause us to find the app slower than usual when downloading or receiving photos, or even with problems. or videos. If this happens to you, we’ll show you how to clear the WhatsApp cache and why we should do it.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

An application cache is a space in which applications themselves store or store temporary files that they must create or re-access on many occasions. In this way, its creation or access is faster and, as a result, user comfort is much better and not as much system resources are consumed.

Why we should clear the application cache

Although its function and purpose is to store this type of file for best performance, on certain occasions it may happen that a large accumulation of files in this cache can cause some problems in the operation of the application.

When our mobile phone application is blocked at certain times or starts very slow, the first thing we usually do is check for an update or uninstall and reinstall the application directly. In most cases, however, we were able to resolve these issues by clearing the cache.

In the case of a famous messaging application, the same thing happens, clearing the WhatsApp cache can solve this type of problem without having to uninstall and reinstall the application, in addition to freeing up the resulting space.

Also in this case, the uninstall and installation process may cause you to lose certain messages that are not part of the daily application backup.

We should not confuse all the files that are stored in our phone’s memory by default, automatically after opening or receiving on WhatsApp with the temporary files of the application itself. The first ones are usually stored in the mobile phone’s own gallery, in certain albums, or on the device’s memory card, if we have one.

We can easily delete these files simply by going to the path where they are stored, selecting them and sending them directly to the Trash.

However, to clear the WhatsApp cache, we need to perform other very different steps, as shown below.

How to clear the WhatsApp cache

Depending on the version of the robot that we have installed on the mobile or customization layer of the manufacturer, it is possible that the options may vary slightly, but these are the steps to clear the WhatsApp cache:

  • We enter the Settings system.
  • Double-click the Applications option.
  • From the list of applications installed on the device, we search for and mark WhatsApp.
  • Next, we touch the storage option.
  • And once it stays there, all we have left is to click the Empty Cache button.

In a few moments, all the space occupied by these temporary files stored in the WhatsApp cache will be emptied and we will be able to check how the application works properly again, without stopping, blocking and full performance.

In the Apple environment, things change because in iOS it is not possible to empty the WhatsApp cache, as is the case in Android. If we enter the system configuration and then the data and storage, we find two options, data usage and storage usage.

In the first option, we see the number of messages sent and received, the bytes sent and received in the messages and chat files or statuses, as well as the amount of data consumed during the call. However, you cannot clear the WhatsApp cache.

In the Storage Usage section, we can select the WhatsApp chat and see the messages sent to that person, the amount of space our messages and the files they share with them, and if we click Manage, we can empty the chat from the messaging application. But beware, everything we have chosen will be removed and we will lose it, so we should not remove anything from it.

Therefore, because there is no WhatsApp cache in iOS, if we have problems with the application because it slows down or gets caught, we will have to do so, update it if any version is available, or make a copy of the security and continue uninstalling and installing it.

Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush

Play Chess Rush: In this article, we want to give you some tips and tricks on playing Chess Rush. Now for those of you who are actively playing this game, see the reviews until they run out.

Chess Rush is one game with Auto-Battler mode released by Tencent. Chess Rush is not much different from some other games that carry a similar mode. Because in this game you will still be required to make special strategies to defeat each of your opponents.

Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush
Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush

In order to win this game easily, We have some interesting tips and tricks you know. Want to know what are the tips and tricks that you can use in the game Chess Rush? Let’s go deeper, guys!

Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush

1. Placement of Formations

The first thing you need to consider is the placement of positions or formations. You need to realize that the placement of positions or formations is very important, as people say that position will determine achievement.

Therefore try to make a formation that you think is good and can be relied upon to help you achieve victory after victory.

2. Discard Any Unneeded Heroes

Next is selling a hero that you no longer need. If you no longer need a hero (usually the initial hero), then it’s better to sell it and get back which Crystal you spent.

Selling a hero that you no longer need, will certainly help you to level up or buy a new hero that is better for the next wave (long rally).

3. Maximize The Number of Heroes

Try to maximize the number of heroes you can use because that way you will get a little advantage over your opponents (opponents who have fewer heroes).

Keep in mind that for each level you will need a lot of XP, and make sure you keep Crystal Mana. Because 5 Crystal Mana can add 5 XP.

4. Create a Hero Synergy

By synergizing multiple heroes of course you will get an advantage in the form of additional stats. This will later be displayed on the left side of the screen while in battle mode.

Make sure you have some synergy heroes from various races or classes so that you will have more strength to resist when receiving an opponent’s attack or finish off your opponent when attacking.

5. How To Get Extra Crystal And Mana Bonus

Last is how to get which mana Crystal and which extra Crystal bonus.

There are several easy ways to get Crystal where, such as completing stages, selling heroes that are no longer needed, and winning stages. These three methods are the ones you can use to get mana crystals.

Then how do you get the Crystal bonus? The method is quite easy, you only need to save the Crystal where each stage. For example, if you have 1 – 10 crystals, you will get 1 extra mana. But if you have 11-20 mana crystals, of course, you will get 2 mana crystals. And this will also apply multiples of up to 4 Crystal mana.

The Final Words

Now those are some tips and tricks to play Chess Rush that can be good at sharing with you. If you have other tips about the Chess Rush game, please share in the comments column, guys!