How To Add Locations On The Latest Instagram Bio

Hello, do you knowhow to add the location in thelatestInstagram bio ? Instagram is a social media sharing photos that is quite aggressive and has the most users in the world. On Instagram you can upload photos, like and comment on photos of friends, find new friends, do live broadcasts and various other exciting things.

How to Add Locations on the Latest Instagram Bio

Just like with other social media, Instagram account profiles can also be added to various things, such as biographies, websites and also the city where you live.

Adding a location to Instagram bio for some people is very necessary and useful for them, especially those who do business online on Instagram, the location that you put can be directly clicked and go to the address or the city where your business.

So with the location on your Instagram account bio, people or prospective customers you no longer need to be tired of asking for your location address or sending your location to your customers.

Then how do you create and add locations on the Instagram bio? But before adding a location on the Instagram bio, there are requirements that you must meet first:

Terms for making a location on Instagram bio

The requirement to be able to add an address or location to Instagram Instagram is that an Instagram account has become a business account.

How to Add Locations on the Latest Instagram Bio Without Facebook

1. Immediately, the first step you have to do for how to create or enter a location on this Instagram bio is to open the Instagram application first on your Android or iPhone cellphone. Then click “Edit Profile“.

2. Scroll down a little, then click on “Contact Options“.

3. Then click on ”Business address“.

4. Please enter the name of the location you want to enter. Click on “City” to find the name of the city where you live, you can also write the location name as you like. You can also put an address, click on “Address” and click on “Postal Code” if you also want to put your zip code where you live also on the Instagram bio.

5. If you have already click the icon about the upper right corner to save the location.

6. Click the check again to save again. But here you can also put other contact options such as email addresses and telephone numbers.

7. Click on the checkbox again to save and return to your Instagram account profile if there is nothing else you want to edit and add.

Congratulations on adding a location on your Instagram bio. The location you just added is under your website or bio information. How come it wasn’t too difficult isn’t it the way to add a location on Instagram bio? If you don’t like the location you just added, you can replace it again using the method above.

Can only name the city

You cannot add locations other than the city name, such as the name of the place of business, office name, etc., because the names of locations other than the city will not appear if you search, Instagram only shows the name of the city that is considered to be there.

The location that you have put in your Instagram account, if someone clicks it will go directly to Google Maps and will display a map of your residence address.

Danger for safety

If you have a problem with someone or are looking for people with various problems that are happening, you should not put your residence location on Instagram bio because they can find out the location where you live.

That’s the short article that discusses how to add locations in the latest Instagram bio. How did you successfully create and then add a location in your Instagram account bio?

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