How To Change A Personal Instagram Account To A Business Account

How to Change a Personal Instagram Account into a Business Account –Instagramlaunches Instagram for Businesses whose function is to provide insight and analysis of promotional posts.

How to Change a Personal Instagram Account to a Business Account

Since this update, Instagram introduced a number of other features aimed at introducing the Instagram profile for Business, those features include Instagram Shopping and Instagram TV.

To create an Instagram account for a business or change a personal Instagram account into a business account is actually quite easy. What needs to be done is that you simply connect the Facebook page to your Instagram account.

Don’t know how to change your personal Instagram account to a business account? In this article I will guide you to find out how to create a business Instagram account.

In this article there is a step-by-step guide for converting a personal Instagram account to a Business account, and provides an explanation of what the benefits of a Instagram business are and what needs to be considered to convert a personal Instagram account into a business account.

How to Change a Personal Instagram Account to a Business Account

To change an Instagram account to a business account is quite easy. First, go to your profile on Instagram, then enter settings. And in the Instagram settings menu enter the Account menu, after entering the account menu scroll down until you see an option called “Switch to Business Profile.”

When you tap on the menu, then you will be asked to log in to your Facebook account to connect the Facebook page.

After that, you will be given the option to choose which Facebook page you want to link to. Please note, you must be the admin of the page you want to connect to. You can also only connect one Instagram Business account and Facebook page.

Furthermore Instagram will provide the contact information form that you want to retrieve from the Facebook page. The information includes such as service telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and others. You must display at least one contact information to create an Instagram account for a business.

After that, you have successfully changed your personal Instagram account into a business account. Now you can see what are the differences between Instagram accounts for Business.

The most striking difference from business installation accounts is that there is a “Contact” button on the profile. Contact information can be changed at any time, whereas business types are usually adjusted to the category of Facebook pages that are already connected.

It should be noted that Instagram Insights does not attract old data. Insight data will be collected starting after you have successfully changed your personal Instagram account to a business account. So, insights will begin to collect data when the Instagram account has become a business Instagram account.

Features of Instagram Business Accounts

Business profile– The appearance of a business instagram profile is different from a regular instagram / personal instagram account. In business Instagram, you can directly move information data on Facebook pages into the business Instagram account that will be created.

Insight / Insight– A business installation account is accompanied by an insightful feature. The types of insights are quite a lot, namely impressions, reach, and clicks to the website, and the involvement of people in the post.

Promotion– This feature is the same as the promotion / advertisement feature on Facebook, with the Instagram business now you can also promote posts on Instagram.

Sell– The Shop tab located in the business account profile is able to process each post marked with a product that can be purchased. This feature is quite useful for those who want to create an online store using a business Instagram account.


Selling on Instagram or creating a business on an Instagram account has now become a trend. In accessing the internet makes online shops and businesses move on to social media.

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