Cloud Gaming | How It Works On PC

The cloud gaming can be defined as the new frontier of gaming, allowing you to play games without having the right hardware, while ensuring the proper functioning of the game.

Cloud Gaming | How It Works on PC

With a normal gaming PC, to enjoy the games purchased, we will need to install the software on the Hard Disk or SSD. Taking a practical example, after starting the title through Steam, our computer will carry out all the necessary calculations to be able to play without problems.

What is Cloud Gaming | How It Works on PC

In this case, therefore, the processor and especially the video card, will have to process the instructions contained in the software to allow us to start the game.

The performance of the game will therefore be linked to the hardware present in the computer; It is therefore easy to think that if we have purchased high-end components we can play video games without problems, on the contrary we have to lower the visual quality of the title to maintain a good gaming experience.

Cloud Gaming allows us to approach video games starting from an extremely different concept. In fact, all the calculations necessary to manage the game are not carried out by our PC, but are carried out on a server located elsewhere.

The data processed by the server will then be sent, via the network connection , directly to the computer, which will interpret and transform the images we see on the screen.

Advantages of Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming introduces some very relevant advantages. We will no longer be slaves to the hardware present in our PC, no matter if you do not have a high-end graphics card, a powerful processor or even a large hard drive to store the title installation files. All these needs will be delegated to a server that will take care of processing the game data.

Our computer will only need to be able to receive data from the server, so even a low-end PC without a graphics card will be able to handle a Triple A game without problems.

Specifically, in this guide I want to talk about GeForce Now, one of the main cloud gaming services compatible with PC and MAC. GeForce Now allows access to dozens of games, interfacing with platforms such as Steam, Uplay and Battlenet .

Nvidia also provides the minimum requirements to use this service:

3.1GHz Intel Core i3, only 4GB of RAM and a Direct X9 compatible graphics card. This means that even if you have a PC from 5 years ago, you can safely use the service.

Disadvantages of Cloud gaming

Unfortunately, all Cloud Gaming services need a very important requirement: the need to have a good internet connection . If the data is not processed locally but managed by external servers, the amount of files that will have to return to our PC is high.

According toNvidia, to have a basic management of titles through the GeForce Now service, we must have a connectivity of at least 25 Mbps in Download , while it is recommended (to play in 1080p resolution and 60 fps) to have 50 Mbps .

Furthermore it would be advisable to connect the PC to your modem / router through a physical network cable; You can use Wi-Fi but in this case a 5 GHz network is recommended .

As we can see these are not too stringent requirements, but you will need to have a fiber optic connection to take advantage of Cloud Gaming.

Video games available and how to play in the Cloud

Going to theGeForce Now site we can move to the Games section and look at the catalog of titles, over 150 video games compatible with the Cloud service.

GeForce Now interfaces with other stores such as Steam, Uplay and Battlenet being able to play the titles you have already purchased.

To play in the cloud, simply download and install the GeForce Now client on a Windows or Mac system (currently the service requires a subscription of € 9.99 per month) , choose the game you already own on another platform and start it with a simple click.

The GeForce Now platform will install some files derived from the game and in a few seconds you will be already playing in the cloud.

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