Best Way To Maintain Data Security On Facebook

Facebook users are increasing day by day. Unfortunately, few people are aware that the platform monitors all users’ gestures. These data are used to improve product quality and for advertising purposes. This article is about to maintain data security on Facebook.

The Smart Way to Maintain Data Security on Facebook

Conscious or not, people are tracked online when they are on social media. Facebook knows user information such as name, age and date of birth.

Best Way to Maintain Data Security on Facebook

In addition, Facebook’s “Like” and “Share” buttons that appear on shopping, news and other sites remain connected to the Facebook tracker. Even when not in use, Facebook still uses the buttons to track users.

Therefore, users might want to find out more about how Facebook actually tracks activity and collects data through various sources.

Here are the phases of how Facebook tracks and uses user data:

  • Cookies
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Customize the timeline (feed) that is specifically designed according to user activity on Facebook

A cookie can contain some information such as the time the user visited the website, how long they were in it, the user’s location, the page visited, and even all the links that were clicked on other sites. Facebook, like other sites, uses cookies to monitor users.

But the problem is that Facebook also places cookies on users’ computers if they use “Facebook products including websites and applications, or simply visit websites and applications that use Facebook Products (such as the Like button and other Facebook technologies).”

Another tracking practice is to place the tracking code by secretly rewriting the article link that appears on the Facebook page. In this way, they can track whether users like the article or not, understand the nature and preferences of users through checking the user’s activity code on the website.

These data are then used as information for Facebook Analytics, so as to produce a lot of information in accordance with user interests that appear in the time line (feed).

Facebook knows everything about users. The abundant data owned by Facebook is a valuable asset for his company and must be protected in any way. But in fact, it is misused and is a source of problems for millions of users and Facebook itself.

In 2018, a former Cambridge Analytica employee leaked to the public how the company used about 50 million Facebook users’ personal data for political campaign needs without approval.

This incident raises questions by users: “How can we avoid violating privacy when using Facebook?”

Facebook Container is a Firefox extension made by Mozilla that helps users separate Facebook sites (including Instagram and Messenger) from other websites, thus limiting Facebook’s ability to track users.

This extension uses containers functionality of the Firefox web browser, so Facebook is more difficult to track users on the web.

When users install the extension in Firefox and open Facebook, social media will open in a special tab (container). And if a user visits a link that directs them to Facebook, the link will also open in that particular tab.

Thus, Facebook will be isolated in one tab, so that the likes, share, and other Facebook widgets embedded on other websites cannot be connected to the user’s Facebook account.

This extension is a smart way for users to stay connected on Facebook without having to sacrifice their online privacy.

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