How To Play Playstation 2 Games On Linux Smoothly Without Lag

Playstation 2 is the best gaming console ever made and makes it the most popular console of its era. Playstation 2 lasted long enough to become the most widely used console that made big game companies interested in making its game on Playstation 2. Many games evolved to be more awesome and cool because of Playstation 2.

How to Play Playstation 2 Games on Linux Smoothly without Lag
How to Play Playstation 2 Games on Linux Smoothly without Lag

However, now the PS2 has become a relic of the past game. But it means games because they have been present on PS2 can be forgotten. You can still play almost all the games in PS2 on a Linux PC using PCSX2. How to? Check out the Playstation 2 game tutorial on Linux below.

How to Play Playstation 2 Games on Linux Using PCSX2

1. Install PCSX2

Even though PCSX2 is still in the development stage of the emulator, it works. Most Linux distributions already provide PCSX2 in the repository by default, so you won’t have any problems installing them.

Install PCSX2 on Ubuntu / Debian

Be it Debian or Ubuntu, it already has PCSX2 in its repository. Simply install with Apt. Type the command below:

[box type = “shadow” align = “” class = “” width = “”] sudo apt install pcsx2 [/ box]

Install PCSX2 on Fedora

On Fedora, PCSX2 is not provided in its repository, but Fusion RPM is available PCSX2. So, add a repo to your system, if you haven’t already.

[box type = “shadow” align = “” class = “” width = “”] sudo sudo dnf install$(rpm -E% fedora) .noarch.rpm rpmfusion-nonfree-release – $ (rpm -E% fedora) .noarch.rpm [/ box]

Then, install PCSX2 with DNF.

[box type = “shadow” align = “” class = “” width = “”] sudo dnf install pcsx2 [/ box]

Install PCSX2 on Arch Linux

Before doing so, make sure the multilib repository is activated. Once activated, you can install PCSX2 with Pacman on Arch.

[box type = “shadow” align = “” class = “” width = “”] sudo pacman -S pcsx2 [/ box]

Install PCSX2 on OpenSUSE

OpenSUSE already provides PCSX 2 in its regular repositories. Just install as usual.

[box type = “shadow” align = “” class = “” width = “”] sudo zypper on pcsx2 [/ box]

Install PCSX2 on Solus

Solus also provides PCSX2 in their default repos. Install with eopkg command.

[box type = “shadow” align = “” class = “” width = “”] sudo eopkg is pcsx2 [/ box]

2. PCSX2 Settings for Playing PS2 Games on Linux

PCSX2 supports GPU. You can open PS2 games directly through your PC desktop. The first time PCSX2 is opened, the application will ask to set some settings, starting with the language that will be used.

Next, choose the plugin that is used. You are free to change it at any time, use the default settings for the first time.

3. PCSX2 BIOS settings on Linux

Next you will be asked to set the PS2 BIOS. You are free to determine where in the right place. There are 2 options, and the best way is to use PCSX2 BIOS Dumper on the PS2 console to extract the BIOS file to the Flashdisk then copy and paste it to your computer.

After getting the BIOS, put it in “/ home / username /.config/PCSX2/bios”. Then you will see the system BIOS at the top of the screen. Select and complete the setup process.

4. PCSX2 Control Settings

The default controls for PCSX2 may seem strange or even uncomfortable. Click the “Config” tab at the top of the PCSX2 menu. Look for the “Controllers” option in the menu, and there select “Plugin Settings”.

Then, a new window will open to configure the virtual controller or USB controller that you have provided.

5. Play PS2 Games on Linux

PCSX2 runs with ISO files. The good news, it’s very easy to copy PS2 games into ISO files via DVD drives like Brasero. Just insert the DVD into the computer, then select the option in the program to make a copy of the DVD. Select ISO as the output that will be played later.

When you already have the game to play, select “CDVD” in the top menu of the emulator. Then, look for an ISO file under “ISO Selector.”

Next, select the system tab at the top, choose an option to boot the virtual system.PCSX2 will start with the game from the ISO file earlier. PCSX2 uses a virtual PS2 memory card so it can save this process.

And when it’s finished, that means you have succeeded in making PS2 games into Linux. PCSX2 automatically receives updates via the linux distribution repository. You are free to add any game that is on the PS2 into PCSX2 so that it can be played on a Linux PC.

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