2 Ways To Unlock An ICloud Locked IPhone

Unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone: You iPhone device users must be familiar with the iCloud feature. This feature is the most important feature as it is at the core of everything on your iPhone. Starting from features, storage, applications to backups.

Therefore, when iCloud is locked or iCloud locks, every iPhone user must try to find a way to open this iCloud locked iPhone.

2 Ways to Unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone
2 Ways to Unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone

iCloud lock is actually a security feature on iPhone devices. The first time you use iPhone you have to register it with Apple ID. After that, the iPhone must activate the ‘Find my Phone’ feature.

This iCloud lock feature will activate automatically when the iPhone is activated. That way, the iPhone will remain safe even if it’s lost.

How to Unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone Easy and Fast

When you reset your iPhone or after an iPhone restore is done or when the Find My Phone feature is disabled, this iCloud lock will automatically activate. Especially if you can’t enter your email and password correctly. Then how do I open it?

1. Bypass iCloud Activation

The easiest way you can do to unlock an iCloud locked iPhone is to bypass iCloud activation. To do this method, the first thing you have to do is make sure ‘Find my Phone’ is Off. If not immediately turn off this feature. If so, follow the steps below.

Download the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Application

After making sure ‘Find my Phone’ is off, the next step is to download the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock application. Download this Application on another device such as your PC or laptop. Don’t forget to install the application. Open the Application.

Connect iPhone to Laptop or PC

Next, connect your iPhone device to a laptop or PC with the help of USB. When connecting your iPhone to a PC or laptop, make sure the iPhone is in DFU condition. Then click on the ‘Start’ button on the application.

Select Module List

After that, you will see a diverse list of modules.

  • Select the module list as you want.
  • Then continue by clicking on the button labeled ‘Next’.
  • After that, let the application start working. This process can take up to 20 minutes to work.

Reset iPhone

Your iPhone will reboot automatically once the above process is complete. If it has rebooted, lastly you only need to do a factory reset so that your iPhone looks like new again.

2. Unlock iCloud by Changing DNS

The next way to unlock an iCloud locked iPhone is to change the DNS. This method works fairly quickly and can be done for free.

Open WiFi Settings

The first step, enter the Settings menu and then enter the Wifi menu. After that, next to the connected wifi network, click on the ‘i’ button. After that delete the previous DNS settings then replace them with new settings.

Enter New DNS Settings

When entering the DNS must be adjusted to your location. Therefore you must know the list of DNS in all locations. Like for example the DNS in Asia is and so on.

Press ‘Back’ then Enter ‘Activation Help’

After entering the DNS according to the location, then press ‘Back’ then enter the ‘Activation Help’ menu. After a successful connection to the DNS server, a notification message will appear immediately.

That is a sign that you have successfully unlocked iCloud which is locked. This method is a quick solution to overcoming iCloud locked, not a permanent way so you still have to find other ways.

That was 2 Ways to open an iCloud locked iPhone that you can apply when experiencing iCloud locked. There are more and more ways you can do this even by buying a new iCloud. However, the method above doesn’t hurt to try.

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