How To Use Spotify Connect

The Spotify Connect is a streming service tool for listening to music on different devices logged into an account. The function is ideal for users who want to send audio playback to other devices compatible with the service’s app or to smart speakers that offer integration with Spotify accounts – such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

How to Use Spotify Connect
How to Use Spotify Connect

How to Use Spotify Connect

The system also works on smart watches, smart TVs, sound devices, video games, smart displays and set-boxes, such as Apple TV (fourth and fifth generation) and Mi Box , by Xiaomi.

Spotify Connect automatically recognizes other devices with the app connected to the same wireless network. The devices are listed in the app or PC program interface and do not need extra procedures to be integrated. The function even allows you to use one of the products as a remote control.

When playback takes place on a PC or a sound system, simply open the app on your phone and use the player’s controls to pause, fast forward, or choose new music. Check out how to use Spotify Connect below.

How to use Spotify Connect on your computer

Step 1. Open Spotify on the PC and start playing a song. Then click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen to view the list of connected devices;

Step 2. Click on one of the devices listed to start playing audio.

How to use Spotify Connect on mobile

Step 1. Play a song in the app and tap on the artist’s description at the bottom of the screen to view the player. Then, press the name of the device where the file is playing, as shown in the image below;

Step 2. Touch one of the listed devices to make it work as a speaker. If the audio is on another device, tap “This Phone” or “This iPhone” to listen on the smartphone.

Use the tip to have full control over Spotify music playback on all of your devices that support the service.

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